Saturday, December 31, 2005

Neil Gaiman and Fully Booked Comic Book Contest

Earlier on the month of December, I was informed by a friend that Fully Booked and Neil Gaiman is having a Comic book writing contest and he told me that he wasn't sure of the guidelines so I have to go to Fully Booked to ask for it. I totally forgot about it because I'm too busy preparing my things and ticket to go home to the province for the Holidays. Then, just this very moment I decided to open my blog and put some entry before the year ends, I decided to greet friends through their blogs. I came acros Gerry Alanguilan's blog and I saw a link of the contest. I then remembered what my friend told me so I tried to open the site but I just can't register because it always says "Page Cannot Be Found." So I decided to try to join the contest by going to Fully Booked and register there by myself in person instead of registering online.

I want to try to join and try my luck. Who knows I might win! Hehehe. Though I know that it would be a very hard competition because they are really talented Filipinos out there waitting to be discovered and Contest and Opportunities like this will showcas the "Totoong Galing ng Pinoy,"

Even if I will not make it or won't be able to join, I will still try to make the best of it and try to create a good story.

Below is the guideline that I've saved from one of Gerry's blog readers. Just click this link for the Contest Guideline. Wish us all the best!!! Go Pinoy!!!


We all wear read including Kutchie (extended family member)
All of us wear red. My parents, my brothers, my sister, Tata (our scholar) and even Kutchie and Thomas the bears. This is for good luck according to my mom for the year to c0me. We enjoyed our simple New Year Celebration because we are complete once again unlike last year when I have to go back to Manila after Christmas because of work. It just feel good to be home.

Our simple celebration started with pressing the horns of our vehicles, using the torotot, jumping for growing tall, throwing coins inside the house and hugging and kissing each other while greeting Happy New Year to each one of us. Then, the confettis were thrown and the wine drinking. Then we ate. After that we take pictures and drink some more wine and beer.

We do have a great time and all of us enjoyed even if our celebration was simple. What's important is all of us where there and we are Happy and blessed by God.


Profile Viewed 122 times!!!

I just opened my friendster and checked my profile and I noticed that it has been viewed 122 times. Woah, this is the first time for me to actually reach the 100th mark and it exceeded by 22 views. Well this might be someting normal for other who were viewed beyond a thousand but this is unusual for me. Hmmm, maybe because it Christmas and they just remembered me. I hope so. Hehehe, let's see if I can maintain this number even if I think I would.

Durian Ice Cream

One of my all time favorite fruit is Durian and Durian ice cream is my all time favorite ice cream. Way back in Manila, I just can't locate Durian Ice Cream and even if I look anywhere there's no available one. Even in hotels whenever my parents visit me in Manila, they still don't serve that flavor. I would tell my friends about it, how it taste and how it makes me feel so happy. They got curious even those who didn't like the fruit because of the smell wanted to taste the Durian ice cream. Until one day I was informed that Durian ice cream is only available in Mindanao. That's when I stopped looking for one.

Upon arriving at Davao International airport, I was fetched by my parents and we headed straight at VIctoria Plaza Mall. We met my sister and my tita. I find them near the Guess Kids stall and saw them eating 2 pints of ice cream. My sister was eating Halo-halo flavored ice cream and my tita was eating DURIAN flavored ice cream. Woah!!! I told my tita if she would have me her ice cream because I've been craving for it for years!!! She gave it to me knowing I miss it a lot. The first taste was heaven. The moment it touches my lips I felt I was in cloud number nine. It's just so amazingly taste so damn terrific for me. I finished eating it in a minute so I thought. I just love it.

Upon arriving at Kidapawan I requested for mom to buy a whole galon of DURIAN ice cream. We bought one and it didn't last a day.

Palengke Day in Kidapawan

Image hosted by Image hosted by

My parents and I went to the public market to buy food and stuff that we were not able to buy earlier for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Since it's market day some other vendors were displaying their stuff along the streets and they were a lot them and a lot of buyers too. The next pictures shows the different kind of tuyo or dried fish that can be found in our market place here in Kidapawan. Most of the tuyo shown in the pictures were not available in Manila. The ManileƱos won't even believe me when I told them the different varities of tuyo that we offered here in Kidapawan because they told me that those kind of fishes are to vailable to be made into dried fish - like Lapu-lapu. I told them that we do have them and it's expensive too. I told them that I would bring some in Manila after the holidays when I'll be back.

Image hosted by

Anyways, while touring the palenke I was able to find the finger-like carrots that I've been looking for too long back in Manila. So I bought a lot for salad. I love those kind of carrots because you don't need to slice them just prepare it nice and clean and put it in your salad and alas it's ready to be eaten. Hehehe I did ate a lot of salad during the Noche Buena.

Frogs (Frog Prince), Snoopy atbp...

Me and my mom displayed some of our collections for the New Year Celebration. Maybe for good luck and being prosperous for the year to come. First, we take out our Frog collections from the cabinets and displayed them in our sala. Well for those who didn't know, I love frogs. I just like them, though the live version were not appealing to me. My friends in college knew that I love frogs. They even give me a Baki for a nick name which meant frog in visayan dialect. I don't know if I just influence my mom or she just love them too because she collects them too. Hmmm, maybe I am a Frog Prince after all but I don't need the princes cuase I'm already handsome as you see hahaha. The prince part? Hmmm, i might need a princess for that in the future I think.

Second, I also displayed my Snoopy Collections. All of them were toys that come with the McDonald's Happy Meal. Hehehe I remembered that I would even bought Happy Meals for my friends just to complete my collection. My favorite Happy Meal is the Burger McDo Happy Meal and I would exchange the burger McDo for a regular Hamburger because of the onions and pickles even if I would wait for a couple of minutes just to prepare them. My little brother, Spikey, plays with them all the time thats why some of my Snoopy's lost their hats. :(

Lastly, all the stuffed toys in our house wearing red color were also displayed. That's why we had to change Kutchie's clothes and have him wear his red rain coat instead. All our dog and horse toys and figurines were also taken out from the cabinets to be displayed.

That's my brother Spikey with Thomas the bear. Both of them wear red for the New Year celebration. Well, I hope we all get the luck that we needed for the year to come and of course God's blessings and guidance as well.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gonzales Reunion

CW: Myking, me, Ading, Labing, Epoy, Butchik and Kenjie
Last Dec. 29, 2005, my mom's side of the family (Gonzales) decided to meet up after a very long time. Though some were no able to attend because of the "distance" we were still able to have the time of our lives.

Me and my brothers and sister left the house at about 5:55pm because it's raining and we were waiting for our dad to fetch us and send us to Don Henri's Bar for the reunion. After the rain is gone we decided to go ourselves because we were already late. Of course, we were afraid to be scolded adn be late to the party. My sister, Labing, says (trying to copy our tita Even's expression) "Pagkatibay jud ninyong mga bataa oi." Which means we were so tough of not following her earlier instructions to be there as early as 4pm. We laughed though we were a bit scared because we don't want to upset her.

Upon arriving at the area and saw our tita Even, she just greeted us casually. We were stunned because we didn't expect that kind of reaction from her. We were imagining of a more scarry type of greeting but she was so friendly. Then, we told her about what we were expecting and she just laughed at us.

Close up daw

Then the program begun and we were introduced to the different members of the family. We ate a lot. My, there were so much food. I ate a total of 12 fresh lumpia hahaha. Yes, I just can't have enough of it. Then we played videoke and the highest points received will win. My brother Epy won the game. Then all picked their songs and we ended at about 2am the next day.

another pose

We had so much fun. And we all hope that next all other members of the family will be able to make it this time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


11 soars to heaven...
We belong there...
Fly high beyond the sky...
Reaching heights...
Together free...
This secret journey we have to take...
Leads us where we must be...
Entangled w/ each others might...
We're set to be where we should be...
11 means a starting line...
Hope to be where we should be...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Not another crap

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Friday, December 23, 2005


I just love eating street food. Now I like to eat bituka ng pig, bilog, tenga, and pork's meat barbecues. I just can't help eating it. I love how those barbecues were being prepared. Like fishballs, whenever I saw a stand where they sell barbecues, I usually order. I make sure that I dip it in vinegar for a long time to enhance the taste before I eat it. Maybe these foods are one of the reasons why I'm gaining weight rapidly. Well, what can I do I just love them.

MKWD Family Day

My brothers and sister, we're not in Quidditch world cup We attended the Metro Kidapawan Water District Family Day. We were early because my Mom had to prepare the gifts for her co-employees and mga inaanak. The event started w/ a mass and then speeches from VIP's and employees with high positions. My mom gave the opening remarks, followed by our city mayor and so on and so forth. Then different numbers given by different employees and their families followed. Then there were games like volleyball, trivia questions and some parlor games. Then giving of gifts and rice.

As you can see in the photo above, the event was held at the basketball court. See how colorful the huge umbrella's. I feel like we're in a world quidditch match. There were also vendors who gave their pop corns, cotton candy and ice cream for fee (the MKWD management already paid for it all). It's so much fun.

I played volleyball and I don't know how to play the game anymore. It's just too hard for me to control the ball. I'm much too strong for it. Even if I didn't exert effort in hitting the ball it still went outside the line. We lost. Hehehe but we had a very good time.

I'm glad that I attended the event. Our family were given the second place for the most number of complete members of the family. The winner have 10 children plus two parents and they are complete.

I look forward for the nest year's family day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh no it's Johnny!

Finally we met. I wen to where Johnny's working yesterday to see him and return his comics. Well he's the same Johnny. It's funny though because he's from Manila and has to work in Makilala and Kidapawan and I'm the one from Kidapawan but have to work in Manila. Hehehe. It's really nice to see him again after months of not hearing from him. Hehehe.

Johnny gave me a shirt too. Thank you for the shirt.

I first met Johnny from the very first Komikero meeting that I attended. Incidently, it was also the groups first anniversary. I'm not the only firstimer there, Raipo was there as well.
Back to Johnny, he's a very funny and intelligent person. He cracks jokes out of thin air. It's so natural for him. He's straight forward and very himself. There's no one like Johnny or anyone who might have resembled him. One of the kind.

He seldom put things seriously, in the meetings that I encountered him, but when he's serious.... He's still funny.

Well, never have a dull moment when he's around. I wish you all the best man.

P.S. He's vegetarian...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Snake attack!!!

We saw a snake in our backyard the very day I went home from Manila. Me and two of my brothers captured it and put it inside the "plangana" and then covered it so that my dad will release it the next day. We had a hard time capturing it because we're afraid to be bitten by it. We use to rods w/ hooks and entangled the snake carefuly so that we won't hurt it. I'm glad we handled it well.

The snake is about a meter and a half in length and about 3 inches thick. It's a cobra and it didn't strike at anyone in particular at all. I think that it's much more afraid to us that us with it. It's a very nice experience and a very nice welcome for me.

Later that night I send an SMS to my friend and he told me thatI should try to play lotto because I might win and I told him the story and he gave me what numbers to pick.

I was also told by our neighbor that it brings luck. I hope so I may have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to come.

Airport blues atbp...

My flight going to Davao is 10 am so by about 7 am I headed to the airport. It took me a moment for me to travel from my place to the airport because, strange as it may seem, the traffic was light.

Upon arriving at the airport I was shocked at what I saw. The queue is so long and we even have to extend the line beyond the airport premises. Most of the people there were already complaining. many flights have been delayed. There's just so many people waiting in the line to enter the pre-boarding area. Never did I saw that crowd in the airport before, maybe because of the Christmas rush thing. There were as much foreigners as Filipinos there. Most of them going to Boracay, Camiguin and some places in Mindanao. Some of them complained but most of them take the issue lightly.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

There was one incident that two people argued because on of the lady make singit in the queue so she was sita by another lady whom she cut across because of inserting ahead of her. They were quarelling so loud and most of us are watching the scene forgetting our aching legs because of standing too long in the line. It became some sort of entertainment. It was cut short by airport people because all those who have 9 am flight have to go first and the other lady was on that flight. Luckily for the lady, who inserted the other behind her didn't complain. Even all of us knows that she's not originally on that line. After the complainant leave, the lady starts talking things that she's there all the time, that if she had no baggage she might have fist fight with the other lady and etc. So we just smiled pretending we didn't hear her.

the lady in red who inserted herself in the queue

When it's time of boarding of passengers, we hurriedly went to the airport bus to send us to the plane. One of the passenger of the same flight that I'm in was the 2nd runner of Close Up to Fame. What a flight.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Upon arriving the Davao airport I saw the lady who inserted herself in the line, she was on the same flight as I have. Hehehe luckily I'm not the one she cut short in the queue because I will probably do what the complainant did and so much worst.

Image hosted by

I was fetched by my parents, my tita and my sister. Then we went to Victoria Plaza and NCCC Mall to buy equiptments for our bar. Then we went home.

My Wall

I redecorate my wall because I got tired of looking at it with paint only. I just put my pictures, my drawings and my comic collections (mostly signed by artist and # one issues). There it goes, I hope you'll like it too.

Maybe next year I might redecorate it. I still have to think for a new design. Maybe about hobbies or about natures. Well, it's still too early to think for now.

For now, I'm quite satisfied with it. As I open the door, it's the first part of my room that you can see. It relaxes me a lot. So I'm happy with it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love Chocolates!!!

Last Oct. 15, 2005, I went to Robinson's Manila to meet my parents and I saw the Red Ribbon Choco Festival. I saw two fountains that pours chocolate instead of water. A lot of people were there and most of them, I'm sure, loves chocolates. Excluding my dad who didn't like it. I don't know why though, he just don't like it. Anyway, since I love chocolate I came a little bit closer cause I really want to see it so near. But people were not allowed to see it that near because it might get dirty and it's super hot daw. So I just took pictures instead. Sigh. I really want to taste it. So I ask my mom instead to buy me a choco moist cake and a choco bar. Hehehe.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Taft Station when it's Wednesday

The picture shown above is what you're going to expect at MRT Taft station during Wednesday at rush hours. People just come and go because during Wednesday people go to Baclaran church for novena. Most, if not all, of these people are devotees of the Virgin Mary. They, including me, are asking help for Mama Mary to grant our requests.

What I do to avoid the rush? I go to church early in the morning. Above picture shows how empty it is during early hours. It's our big secret, ok?

Aeon Flux

Image hosted by

The Story: In the 25th century, a rampaging virus has forced the remnants of humanity into the seclusion of a final city. There is great political conflict within, however, and this is the story of an acrobatic assassin, Aeon Flux (Theron), whose latest target is the government's top leader.

Me says: I'm going to watch this movie simply because I've been following the cartoon series in MTV. Yes, I'm going to compare which among the two versions is most appealing for me - action and story wise. It's going to be released on the big screen soon so I hope that I won't be disappointed.

Fish Balls, Chicken Balls, Squid Balls...

I've been eating a lot of streetfoods lately. Everytime I pass by Aurora St., or anywhere I can find Manong cooking those lovely and delicious chickenballs, I can't stop but pick those which are ready to eat using a stick. Then I dip it all in vinegar and then dip it again in their special sauce and alas I ate it all.


Indeed I find it delicious really, most of the time I could eat 16 pieces of chicken balls. I don't know really what's in it but I just love it. I also noticed that everytime I stay there and pick those mini balls, people would often come and pick some as well. Or if I saw a person picking, I just can't help it but pick some myself as well. Hehehe. It might seem odd but people love them.

There are occasions when I buy those in malls or supermarket and even fried it myself at home but the taste seems different. I just don't like eating it that way. But when I'm in the streets it just so delicious. Maybe the place where to eat it has something to do with it. The ambiance maybe hehehe.

Hmmm maybe later I might find Manong and try to eat as many chicken balls as I could. Ciao.

The Claw

I'm on my way home riding a jeepney when suddenly a hand (obviously from a man trying to have a free ride) appeard near the jeepney entrance with one finger having a nail which looks like an eagle's taloon. At first I was starled because it appeared out of nowhere and then I thought that since it's a rare circumstance that you could find something like that so I took a picture of it. Hehehe, the person who owns the claw didn't know that I took a picture of his hand. Well, I didn't saw his face anyway.

Food Feast @ Pan Pacific

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Aren't those delicious?! Yes, I ate a lot during a breakfast buffet. The reason why is that I got a little disappointed because the buffet is good for two persons and I'd been calling friends to share it with me. Unfortunately no one wanted to have breakfast with me that day. Either they're busy, they have work, or they don't reply at all. Thus, what I did is I ate a lot, as much food that would fit my stomach.

After eating I loved the feeling of being able to eat at your heart's content. I really loved each type of food that I put in my platter. I can only eat like this everytime my mom visits me here in Manila. This is also the way of telling me that she misses me, I think. Thank you mom. Hoping for another feast like this one.

Well, the next time I invite one of my friends to have breakfast with me, I hope there will be one who will be available because it would be much fun to have someone eating hearthily with me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Redesigning Ian's Friendster Account

I play around with my friend's (Ian) friendster account. Above picture is the result. Ian who's working in Qatar like it though so I think it's ok. Redesigning his account took me less that 20 minutes. Hehehe. He's sending me gift this Xmas direct from Qatar.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

HS Reunion Host?

Don Henry's: my parents bar
Since 2002 we've been having our HS class of 1997 reunion and every year we voted for a host. Last year we voted Earnest as our host under the St. James class. Then later this month I've been receiving texts and e-mails informing and asking me regarding reunion as it is me will be the host for this year. At first it seems that they're just making fun and joking around 'til almost all of my batchmates are asking me and taking it all seriously. Their reason is that my parents open a bar in our province and they (our batchmates) suddenly decided that having the bar and all that, it would be best for me to be this years host. That's simply outrageous. Don Henry's: my parents bar How am I supposed to come up a money to spend for the food and drinks and the rent dor the place were in fact I'm jobless right now and the only reason I have money to spend is because of my savings from previous job and from my freelance job. I already told them to stop those nasty roumors. Gosh. Ok, I told them that if they wanted to use our place then the least I can do is to convince my parents to let us use the bar for a day for our reunion and the rest of our batchmates have to contribute for the food and drinks, and yeah I'm willing to be the host and I'll come up with a program to make it more special. But to spend all the expenses by myself, there's no way I can agree to that and even if I want to, I still don't have the resources. Well, if they insist, I could'nt care less if we have a reunion or not. Sigh. Don Henry's: my parents bar

Monday, November 28, 2005

Redesigning My Sister's Friendster Account

Image hosted by

I redesigned my sister's Friendster. Well of course, for free. In the background you'll see the pictures of her favorite singer: Melanie C.

Butch Resigned...

Image hosted by

Yes, Butch already submitted his resignation letter and will go home on the 15th of December in Davao. I know the reasons why he resigned but I do not have the liberty to share it here. I hope that he will be able to find another job that suitted him best. More power kaibigan...

P.S. Look at his picture, can you see the sign on the upper rightmost part... maybe that's a clue... hehehe...

Ruel & Mylene

Image hosted by

Two of my members of ArtCo (when I was the president then) became a couple. I'm so proud of them. Both are talented in drawing, kind and always on the happy mood. Both of them have Japanese relatives. Life is full of surprises... More love...

Andy Sings from the Heart

Andy texted me yesterday announcing that he won 1st prize on a singing contest. He said that he's going to represent Davao in a "Search for a Star in a Million" like format contest. Wow, finally he had the courage to join and eventually won the contest. You go Andy!!! Make us proud!!!

Someday I'll be gone

It's seemed so sad to hear these words coming from a love-one, from a partner or from a friend. Last night we were discussing a lot of things, mostly random, until we came to a topic about us. She told me that someday she had to go abroad and work there and eventually the two of us will lose contact and eventually end up not being together but with some other person's arms. She's so sure and seemed so confident that this has to be the path that both of going to take. The only way - separate ways. That fate brings us together for a reason to make us both realize what we want in life and therefore, we must work hand-in-hand to attain what fate has in store for us. I was shocked and seemed that it's the end of the world. I'm totally blank. I felt numbed all over.

After a while, I thought about the things she said and come to realize that if it's the way things should happen, then so be it. Let it come and I'll wait for it realizing that I'm going to lose the very person that makes my world go round. The person that ticks my body clock.

I am very happy with our relationship and couldn't ask for more - maybe longevity or even forever. Yet I know, deep within me I believe her. I believe every word she says. It's been so clear that I refuse to see it. To recognize it because I'm so afraid I'm going to lose her.

Most of us pictures ourselves having our own family and all that. We jump from one relationship to another trying to fill in the blank faces of our wife or husband for that matter, Trying to find the perfect fit. Until we forgot the very essence why we look in the first place.

It's been 10 months since we came to know each other and eventualy becoming a couple. Looking back at all those times, I realized that I love every moment I spent with her and I do not regret that I exerted and gave what I had to make the both of us happy. Yes, I admit that I became selfish at one point or another, but that's just how I do it. That's how I know how to make our relationship work. I also realized that the love is still there and it will last forever, but there are also a lot of things that need to be consider too.

Thus, if the time comes that she had to go away and leave me, I will not stop her. I will even encourage her to go and do waht she must do no matter how painful and hard it may be for me. For I know that sacrificing myself for a greater cause would prove that my love for her is genuine. Leaving with me only the hope that someday if it is meant for us to be together then we must be togethere. Otherwise, I will go on with my own journey and search for the perfect one.

180 kls!!!

Yes the figures are correct, I weigh 180 kls. Imagine I gained 15 kls in just less that 2 months!!! Bugger... I'm fat and most of my clothes won't fit anymore. This is bad. Not good. I have to loose fat...

Superman Returns

Image hosted by

Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel, Superman, comes back to Earth--but things have changed. While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman's bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.

Click here for source and trailer >>>


Ten months... Love lift's us up where we belong...

Nenita in Manila

It's been 3 years since I last saw our former Engineer Chairperson Ms. Nenita Malaluan and I never thought that I would bump with her at the most unexpected place - The Presidential Yatch. Yes, I saw her again at my mom's bestfriend birthday party. I never seen her so happy and so relax. She's not her usual "business attitude" self. In fact she's a totally different person at all. She's friendly, down-to-earth and she talked a lot too.

I remember the first day I saw her was during my DOST Mathematics tutorial (given to those DOST scholars) days. Before we enter college, we scholars are oblige to undergo tutorial on English and Mathematics subjects. She was then a perfectionist, know-it-all, I'm-always-right, so-shut-up kind of person and no one messes up with her. Her class that time was so quite that you could hear the needle when drop to the floor. Everyone were so terrified at her. There was this one time, when one of the scholars bf visited her and while Ms. Malaluan was teaching, the bf kept of bothering the gf so Ms. Malaluan completely lost it and scold the bf in front of us. The bf tried to rebut but he was overpowered by Ms. Malaluan and so he left in shame. I also remember Jay-Roy (one of the DOST scholars) that he has to go and look for another route when he sees Ms. Malaluan comes his way. Hahaha. It's so much fun to recall all those tragic moments.

Now, she's connected to a different school here in Manila and was no longer working in Ateneo (de Davao University). I heard some nasty rumors as to why she's no longer connected but I do not really care because what I see now is a completely different person. She's changed so much - for the better. I do hope that she keeps up the miraculous work. God bless, more power and good luck ma'am.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

I've seen the latest Harry Potter Movie on the opening day (Nov. 16, 2005). I've been dying to watch the 4th installment of Harry Potter saga come alive in the silver screen for so long because I wanted so much to see for myself how the casts and crews are able to interpret the book into a movie.

Having seen the last 3 films, I already know that there are a lot of editing had been done and I do not hide the fact that I've been disappointed in some of the way they do it in film but nonetheless, I enjoyed the past 3 films and come to love them as I love the books. Thus, I know that HP4 would be no exception. This time, there are a lot of scenes and characters that have been omitted like Mrs. Weasley. Ginny doesn't utter a single word. Dumbledore seemed crazy and seemed too strong for his old age (not to mention he sat on a corner of his office and tried to strangle Harry - not so magical for me) and his robe looked like never been wash for a decade or century perhaps. How about the scene where Hermione supposedly caught Rita Skeeter as unregestered animagus?! Then put her in the jar for making nasty gossips on the paper. There are a lot of things that I could mention. Sigh.

On the brighter side of the story, the way most of the characters deliver the script are more mature. The special effects are indeed special and most of the time breathtaking. Wow! The dragons, the girls from Beuxbaton, the maze but I love Voldemort the best. Ralph Fiennes is perfect for the role. He's so scarry. Even the children who are watching the flick were scared and some of them actually cried. Effective eh.

As a whole I give the film 4 stars... I do enjoyed it a lot... Great work...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Just because sa candy...

My gf got mad at me because I didn't buy her a candy... She doesn't spoke to me 'til tonight... Yesterday all went well, I accopmanied her to buy stuff for her face... Then she wanted to withdraw... While on we're on the queue she wanted me to buy her candy... I told her we just have to finish withdrawing the money first before buying candy... She then get out of the queue and went straight to buy a candy... Then she went home w/o saying a word... I tried to stop her but she just went on like I'm not there at all... I tried to text and call her but she just won't reply and won't answer my calls... God knows what's been running through my mind because I had no idea at first... When I called her tonight and she accepted the call... It's all just because of that bloody candy...

My mom and dad are in Manila now since yesterday and they're going to stay 'til tomorrow morning... So I'm going to share the suit w/ them... Hehehe enjoy...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Interview sana...

I've been applying for a software engineer with Accenture for a month now. It took a while becasue they have these series of interviews. I already passed the exam, finished the phone and the 1st situational interview. They even called all the persons that I've recommended for my background check. All seems to go well.

Then on Wednesday afternoon they called again for the 2nd situational interview. I'm supposed to go there at about 10:30 am unfortunately I didn't make it. Here's what happen. I just woke up about 6:00 am because I felt like my stomach is going to bursts. It's so damn painful so I run hurrriedly to the wash room. After 30 minutes or so I went back to my room and decided to go back to sleep for a while just to ease the pain somehow. Then I heard a text message alert. I open my eyes and as I saw the clock it was already p quarter past nine. Yes, I overslept but it was not my fault that my stomach ached. It was not my fault that because of the pain, my body tried to regain it's strength and I was not able to hear the alarm of my clock. Even if I have to try my best to dress up fast, I still won't be able to make it to the interview. I decided then to call Accenture and explain the issue and have my interview rescheduled.

The HR personell rescheduled me on Thursday at 2:00 pm and I should be there at least 30 minutes earlier. She told me that I have to explain why I was not able to make it on the earlier schedule. Well, there's nothing much I can do so I agreed. Thankful that they reconsidered and hope the person who's going to interview me will understand.

Greet me luck my friends...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bucket full of ice...

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you knew certain truth but so afraid to confront it because it might turn things bad - worst even?

Well, I had and confronted it. It din't go well. She just denied it though I have facts to prove my case. It actually pains me a lot that she's been lying to me behind my back all these time. I didn't know what to do next so I just drop the subject. I know you might say that I'm so tanga because I just let it be. It's painful, yes, but it would pain me more to lose her.

Would I continue to be so blind and pretend it didn't happen? If she did it once, what would guarantee that she's not going to do it again?

I remember what my trainer told us during one of the training that i've had with a certain company. It's one thing to trust your partner and it's another thing to love her/him. I couldn't quite grasp what she's trying to tell us then but now it's so clear to me. You can love a person but that doesn't mean you trust her.

Well I have to cut thid short before I spiel everything...


Wednesday, September 28, 2005


You still lift up my mood,
bring up a smile on my face,
and forget all the troubles when I'm in your arms...

Monday, September 26, 2005


I've been crushed right before your eyes
You ignored it
It hurts like hell
You keep it going on like you don't care
Perhaps you don't
Not at all

You've change right under my nose
I ignored it
It hurts like hell
Do you still care
Perhaps you do
I hope

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

KOMIKON: The First Philippine Comics Convention

(Press Release courtesy of Azrael Coladilla)

Comic books or Komiks in the local parlance enjoyed the special status as "the national past time" during its golden age spanning the 70s to the early 80s. The local industry Illustrators gained superstar status giving them the opportunity to break into the international scene and cemented the tradition of producing world class comic book talents. The local scene on the other hand has crossed over into other entertainment mediums bringing classic comicbook characters such as Darna, Dyesebel, and Panday to the silverscreen and other titles as television series or radio drama.

For the past six years there have been numerous conventions on anime, gaming and comics. Since that time the comic industry in our country breathed life again. Many have published, lived and failed, but never lost hope. Here's the event that aims to bring together a great company of artists and celebrate this great art form called KOMIKS!

KOMIKON 2005 will be held at the UP Diliman's Bahay ng Alumni on October 22, 2005.

It will showcase the creations of Filipino artists from various genres and themes and give tribute to the creators and their creations. The 1st Philippine Komiks Convention aims to bring together different comic book artists/groups and publishers in a venue where they could present their talents, works and services to the public. Most importantly, it aims to give a break to aspiring comic artists. It would like to provide the venue for different art groups and different generations of artists for a free exchange of ideas. Hopefully it would lead to a transcending of stereotypes and broaden the scope of comics – from local to international to cross-cultural, sequential to strips, amateur to professional and traditional publication to independent comics publishing. This event will give people the awareness of the exciting state of contemporary Philippine comics industry.

Contests like the Independent Comic Book Contest, On the Spot Comic Strip Making and the Original Character Making Contest hopes to bring out the next generation of Comic Book creators to the fore front. Our Special Guests, comic book superstars from the past and present, both coming from the local and international fields will be available for questions and will be present to provide insights about the industry through their experiences. Various fun-filled activities will also be provided by our exhibitors through their respective booths.

Taking the cue from the film industry that regularly take time to award meritorious films and give accolades to their worthy creators, the Komikon Committee will open the nominations for the planned annual Komikon Awards in this event for the following year. The Komikon Awards will give the opportunity for readers, creators, publishers and retailers to nominate and vote for the best in the industry, both local and international. The Awards will not be typical; it will follow the non-traditional MTV way of giving awards, with categories such as Best Line, Best Action Scene, Best Romantic Scene, etc. The awards aim to encourage solidarity within the industry to produce quality local books and promote wider readership in the market.

This event is organized by The Artists' Den and UP Graphic Arts in Literature (GRAIL).

The UP GRAIL is a non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-political literary organization that aims to promote graphic literature as a serious literary form. The group believes that certain "comic books" or "graphic novels" can be considered as serious literary forms and that these are reflections of the society's social, political and cultural context. Their aim is to initiate and actively participate in all activities that would involve the promotion of graphic literature as a serious literary form.

The Artists' Den, on the other hand, has a long-term commitment to help art groups grow, to promote goodwill among fellow Comic Creators and support different works and activities among appreciative audiences. The organization had been witness to the ups and downs of the comic industry as members themselves are mixed up in it. The group has actively participated in the past conventions and now would like to have a convention that focuses on comics alone.

For more information and latest event developments visit

Download our Event info and Sponsorship/exhibitors package Komikero's site.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


I feel bad and sad today. I don't like what's happening. It's raining hard. Streets are jammed w/ vehicles. People everywhere. It's suffocating. I can't breath freely.

Actually, that's not the main reason. I have to meet a friend because he told me he has a problem and wanted my advice. I came and he's not alone. Introduced me to his friends with the church. I thought he needed to talk to me abot his problem, instead he keep on talking with his friends and ignoring me completely. Well, I need to act cool so I pretended that I was part of the conversation, even if it's obvious that I'm not. Apparently he looks like no problem at all. Had I known it, I shouldn't have come because I have a lot of other stuffs to do. I just left it because I am a friend and I thought he needed me. The worst thing was, after an hour he left me to join his other friends. I was not able to tell him that he offended me. Well, I hope what he did will not happen to him.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Ryan, weight, and other stuff...

I'm kinda feeling low right now coz things doesn't end up the way I wanted it to be. Sigh. That's the way it is. Well, i might have to deal with it or else I would end up doing nothing and thing over the issue all night.

Actually, I don't have anything important to write, I just feel like writing. You know, same s#!+ and stuff that's been running 24/7 in this huge brain that I have.

I don't feel like looking for job right now. I just want to draw and read books. Maybe for a month or two and let's see what will happen to my so called engineering career. I've had a couple of interviews, nothing serious though. They called and scheduled me for a chat and I usually go and try to think if I like the job or not. Hoping that if I might like one, they will pick me too.

Anyway, Ryan Chua ( a college classmate and friend) came back from Singapore yesterday and he forgot my pasalubong, how sad. Well, it happens. I'm just glad that they make it the exam and they can start their business now. Congrats buddy!!!

Hmmm... I think that's all for today... Ciao...

P.S. I'm trying to lose weight. My God I'm afraid to check my weight coz I gained a lot. No more abs or pandesal on my tummy, replaced by three layers of fat terraces... Wahhh... I need to lose weight... Gutom na naman ako... Sige kain muna ako...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Comic Book Project

I'm quite busy for a comic book project right now. I hope I'll make it through the deadline though. This is so exciting because I know some of the artist that would be participating in the project. Some of them are co-members of Komikero and ArtCo.

I can't tell you about the details of the project for it is not finish yet, but I'll keep you posted for the progress.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince Released!!!

I accompanied my friend to get his copy of the 6th installment of Harry Potter book by J.K. Rowling. We were so excited because both of us is a fan. unfortunately for me, I was not able to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so I won't be able to read the 6th book until I obtained a copy of the 5th book. Sigh. Could anyone let me borrow their book? PLEASE...

After grabbing his copy we went home straight away and as expected he start reading w/o stopping 'till 12 midnight...

Well, in my case, I have to wait...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Neil Gaiman in Manila (Mr. 496)

It took me and my friend Ruel more that 6 hours to have my book signed by Neil Gaiman but it's all worth it. I started joining the long queue about 3pm outside the Gateway mall and by 9:15pm I have my book signed. It's so tiring and most of us in the back thought that our books won't be signed because it was announced that he would only be signing books for 250 peoplw, but we still stayed and hoped and eventually all of us were able to have our book signed. Then later Rod told us that Neil would accomodate people until the mall closes. Then if you would look at the long line of fans waiting to have their books signed, it was impossible to accomodate all of us but we still stayed. Then one of the organizer informed us that the mall allowed us to stay untill all of us will be accomodated. Yehey! Everyone cheered, Then we were given number stubs and I'm Mr. 496. He's so nice and very accomodating despite of the fact that he's been signing and chatting with his fans for almost 6 hours.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Manila I'm Back...

Yeah!!! I'm back in Manila... New boarding house... New chapter... Same old brand new me...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Farewell TI

Yes, I didn't finish my 5 month apprenticeship program with TI. After 3 months of staying with TI, in Baguio in particular, I find it hard to go on further because I felt that I do not belong in Baguio. This would be my last day with the company that I wanted to be part of if TI was situated in Manila. I would be more that willing to extend my stay or become a regular employee but not in Baguio. I have a lot friends in the workplace and in fact I became close with them as each day passed by but during night time when I left all alone by myself, I begun to long for the people I left in Manila.

I tried all my best to extend my patience so that I could stay long and eventually finish the program but everytime I had to bid goodbye to the people in Manila to go back to Baguio, I felt that my world starts to shatter before my very eyes. I had to do something, that's why I decided to end the program earlier.

I talked to our department head about my decision and he told me that I should give it a thought. Just for one more night and if my decision would still be the same then he will allow me to left TI. He also told me that I was the best among the group and I am the most agressive. In fact, I was able to have my certification to use the wirebonding machines at a very short span of time. He was not able to meet someone who could do the x-ray very fast and effectively. I always finished my reports ahead of the time and not afraid to raise my opinion. I might create and schedule my own seminars (ahead of the scheduled seminars) but it's ok because they know that I could work all by myself without any supervision. There were a lot of things that he told me but what's important, he said, is that I should follow what I think that's good for me.

I cam e back the next day abd told him my decision - I'll be leaving TI. Should time come that I would be needed and in proper timing, I might go back.

I informed my friends and they supported me. I'm glad that I've known them and for a very short span of time I was able to gain not only work experienced but friend that I can rely on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just a thought (again)...

How could you end up a relationship that would make you feel alive and would make you who you are even if hurts you at times? I simply cannot. I just can't.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'ts been two months and a day since I become an apprentice, assigned as Process Engineer in Wirebond Department, here in Texas Instruments. I can't say that I fully enjoyed my stay but I find it very exciting and time consuming at the same time. Time consuming by the way is an advantage here if you want to waste time without even noticing it. But don't get me wrong, in just a span of 2 months, I can say that I can handle the machines very well and I am qualified in handling them w/o any assistance from any TIERS (employees of TI). I'm kind of a sad because from now on I will be assigned to do the X-ray of all the continuity rejects fond in tests - meaning all the IC's which didn't passed the test has to undergo x-ray so that they will be able to determine which part of the IC has error in it. Upon hearing the assignment, I didn't feel glad at all. In fact, I mourned. Being assigned there meaning you will have to stay in that area all by yourself for 8 hours standing. The area is so boring that it's impossible not to fall asleep even if your standing. Is this a punishment for all that I've done?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Tale of the Old and New Boarding House

I just transfered from one boarding house to another because me and my landlady could no longer find way to settle our differences. She accompanied me to her sister in law so that I could transfer there in a flash. Well, I tried my best to delay in packing my stuff so that she would lose her patient in wating for me to finaly moved out. After an hour or so I decided that it would be enough to send her patience to moon and back, so I stepped down from the attic (my so-called solitude away from her and the rest of her minions) and began to move things out. Eyes followed me everywhere I go because my boardmates couldn't understand as to why I moved out without any noticed. I hurriedly look for a cab so that I could transport my things the soonest possible time.

When I arrieved at the new boarding house, my new landlady began to spill all her frustrations and heartaches about her sister in law (my former landlady whom we shall call from now onwards -Countess Doomstress. She told me things beyond comprehension. I found out how mean and cruel she is. How she badly treated all her former boarders. She would change her mind in milliseconds if you show her the money. Well, she seemed to be a perfect anatgonist but my landlady told me that I haven't known the man behind the lady yet. He's far meaner and far more cruel than his wife, she said. I'm glad I didn't find out and I am not interrested in finding out either. I'm glad that I'm far away from them and they could no longer hurt the poor, unfortunate hero that is me.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I went home early to talk to my landlady about my officemate who wanted to rent a room and so that my officemate will be able to take a peek at the room. Upon informing her about the situation she told me that she thought that I would be resigning so I will no longer continue my stay at the boarding house. I was shocked about what I heard. Apparently, my former room mate, which happens to be also an officemate of mine, told her that I would no longer work at TI hence I will no longer stay at the boarding house. I was so furious and since getting mad will get you no where I just calm down and explained to her the whole picture of the story. Now that she understand, I have to transfer to another room which could accommodate two persons only because the room that I am occupying now is good for three. Grrr. I just hate situations like this. How could people be so chatty and so assuming without even verifying if it's a fact or not. It's not really easy to move things from time to time, specially if we're talking about LOTS of things. This would be the second time that I will be moving. First from ground floor to attic and now from attic to the second floor. I might be transfer to to the roof later. Pakshet!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

So glad

I went to Antipolo church last Sunday to have a private conversation with God. As you know, if you read my previous entries, I've been deppresed and so lonely in Baguio by myself. I ask God to give me a sign showing my gf's love for me. Later that day I saw the sign hehehe. A lot of signs that is. I'm so hapy... :)

Thank you Lord...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dreaming of You

by Selena

Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I'd stay up and think of you
And I'd wish on a star
That somewhere you are thinking of me too

Cuz I'm dreaming of you tonight
Till tomorrow, I'll be holding you tight
And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be
Then here in my room,
Dreaming about you and me

Wonder if you even see me
And I wonder if you know I'm there
If you looked in my eyes
Would you see what's inside?
Would you even care?

I just wanna hold you close
But so far, all I have are dreams of you
So, I wait for the day and the courage to say
How much I love you (Yes, I do)

I'll be dreaming of you tonight
Till tomorrow, I'll be holding you tight
And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be
Then here in my room,
Dreaming about you and me

Ahhh...I can't stop dreaming of you
Ahhh...I can't stop dreamin

Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I'd stay up and think of you
And I still can't believe that you came up to me
And said, "I love you; I love you too"

Now I'm dreaming with you tonight
Till tomorrow, and for all of my life
And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be
Then here in my room,
Dreaming with you endlessly...

Hi mahal thank you so much for sending me this song with a couple of pictures via mms... This means a lot to me...

Don't Ignore me

Please don't ignore me when I say I love you...
It hurts...
Please don't tell me it's baduy...
Coz that's how I truly feel...
I miss you so much...
You told me nothing change...
I trust you and I love you...
That's why I believe you...
Please fill this emptiness I'm feeling now...
Make me whole again...
Don't hold back...
Like you used to...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

3 Months...

Happy 3rd monthsary... I love you more each day...

Three months ago I cried fearing I won't be seeing you again...

Three months ago you wipe away those tears when you told me you love me...

Three months ago we became one...

It's been three months and we're still holding on...

It's been three months and we're still one...

It's been three months and more to go...

Monday, April 25, 2005

25 on the 25th of April 2005

It's my birthday!!! Well this is one of the saddest birthday I've ever had. Being alone in a cold place and all that. Sigh. Anyways, thanks to all who greeted me. It's really nice for you to greet me.

I'm kinda happy also because I got to spent my birthday from 12 midnight up to 6am with you. Love you so much!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

German Cardinal Becomes Pope Benedict XVI

Image hosted by

Joseph Ratzinger, a Hard-Line German Cardinal, Is Elected Pope and Takes the Name Benedict XVI

By VICTOR L. SIMPSON Associated Press Writer

VATICAN CITY Apr 19, 2005 — With unusual speed and little surprise, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany became Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday, a 78-year-old transitional leader who promises to enforce strictly conservative policies for the world's Roman Catholics.

Appearing on St. Peter's Basilica balcony as dusk fell, a red cape over his new white robes, the white-haired Ratzinger called himself "a simple, humble worker."

The crowd responded to the 265th pope by waving flags and chanting "Benedict! Benedict!"

Click here for more news >>>

Monday, April 18, 2005

Bottom of the wheel

I have been depressed for the past few weeks because of the events that had happened to me that turn my life upside down. I'm having hard time to accept things as they are. Needless to say that I am in a new place and a new environment that I used to blend and handle well in the past. I refuse to accept change and I deny that time is really changing.

Way back in Manila, I am perfectly still and loving every second of the day even if I just have to stay home all day and just read books that I usually borrowed from a friend. Everything for me seemed so normal even if I don't have to work cause I do have some savings from the previous job that I had. I even don't have to worry if I have something left to eat for the next couple of days to come. I am contended. I am happy. I am in love.

Like every story, like every events, and like everyone else, comes a twist. It usually happens when you don't expect it the most. When you are vulnerable and seemed so relax. It catches you off guard. It makes you think. It makes you crazy. And I hate it.

Right now I can't say that whatever I'm doing to cope up with it helps. I can't say that I'll be able to survive this. But I am holding on. I refuse to give up. It's so damn hard hard and it hurts me even more. The more I try to accept and fight it, the harder it gets. Oh help me God.

If things get worst, I pray that I will still be able to stand with my own two feet. Should I fall and shattered into dust, I don't expect that someone would pick me up but I just hope that I'll be able to rise above it all.

Thank you for calling me last night. I really had a great time talking with you. I love you even more. Thanks for loving me back.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Make love to me

Let the tree sway back and forth
As the wind sings its lullaby
Carrying the tune that awakes the sleepy

Let the leaves collect the dew from the morning mist
As it falls down slowly to the ground like kisses of eternal promises
Washing away all the worries from the day before

Let the morning light embrace everything it touches
As they all welcome it like arms of a lost child
Clearing away all the inhibitions and fears

Let the roots burried itself into the ground
As the earth open it's arms to let them through
Burrying deep, deeper into it's core

Let them become one secretly before our eyes
As the night and darkness bear witness to their union
Owning each other like they are one

Let the river flow through where the roots pass
As it quenches the thirst of a longing soul
Exploding like fireworks illuminating the night skies to celebrate

Let the bliss firms the bond
As the seed becomes the hope for what tomorrow brings
Promising that they would never part, always one

Monday, April 11, 2005


Tell me that you love me
Kahit ito'y kunwari lang
Feed me with those promises
Kahit hindi mo man ito matutupad
Empty my loneliness
Kahit iba nasa isip mo
Bring me to life
Kahit panandalian lang
Show me that you care
Kahit ito'y pagpapanggap lamang
Own me with all your heart
Kahit ngayon lang

This for a friend of who found and lost love. Who give and never think twice. Who beg for the love to come back even for just one night - even if it means the last.

Hope that you could move on and find the one who deserves your love and who would love you back.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Noong Isang Lingo

Mainit Malungkot Masakit
Makita Malayo Malungkot
Mabilis Malayo Mag-aantay
Mainit Malamig Mabilis
Mag-isa Mag-aantay Malungkot
Madali Malayo Mabilis
Makita Mag-uusap Masakit
Masakit Makita Malungkot
Masaya Mag-isa Mabilis
Mag-uusap Maghahanap Magkasama
Masaya Malungkot Magmamahal
Magkasama Mainit Masaya
Masaya Malamig Mainit
Magkasama Matagal Mainit
Maglalakbay Maiiwan Malungkot
Magtatagal Malalakbay Mag-isa
Magkasama Magmamahal Magkalayo

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So how's the weather?

I finally decided to go to Baguio for the 5 month apprenticeship program. Before I went to the terminal I visited first a friend of mine and we talked for a while then he accompanied me to the bus terminal. I even send SMS to some of my friends and most of them replied sending their regards and goodluck wishes. Oh by the way, I even dropped by my former office, but the guard won't allow me to bid my teamates goodbye. Sigh. I was so sad as I am not ready to leave all the people that became my family who supported me and who are always there for me through ups and downs. And I do appreciate them for that.

I arrived at Baguio about 11am in the morning. I send an SMS to a friend of mine asking him what's the address of the inn that he stayed when he first went to the city. Then I rode a cab to send me to the said inn. I am not excited nor delighted to go to Baguio that's why I felt so alone. Unlike my first trips to other places which I am so ecstatic to explore. This time it's different. It's as if I am being punish for sins that I am not even aware of. Most of my friends, who communicated with me through SMS, e-mails and blogs, told me that it's alright and in couple of days I won't feel that sad anymore. Sana nga.

I tried to take a nap for a while because I'm so tired from the travel. When I woke I still felt so alone and so small so I decided to take a walk. It was so cold outside and all you can see are unfamiliar faces busying themselves with things they do. I tried so hard to smile but it seems that it was so hard. I continued walking through the Session Road still looking at all the busy people hurrying here and there. Then I took Mabini Street to take me to the Burnham Park. Still I didn't feel alright so I decided to go back to the inn.

By the entrance I saw a ledge where I can sit on so I just sitted there feeling the cold wind brushed through my face reminding me that I am no longer in Manila. That I am in a new place all by myself. I tried to think of some of the happy moments that I have had. The Komikero meetings, the so-called mall tours with my Convergys and College friends, the secret dates and stolen moments, the jokes out of thin air, the bar hopping with strangers, the free drinks and all that. Those were the days. Then I noticed that I'm smiling. Somehow the loneliness seemed to fade away for a moment. Then I'm back to reality. I'm back to being sad.

Then Andy texted me and he arrived a minute later. We went to SM Baguio to let time fly by. Then we bid goodbye and I'm back to the inn by myself. I texted some of my friends and some replied. I am very much thankful to those who replied. And I do appreciate Philip (15 mins) and Mike's (55 mins) effort to call me and talked to me over the phone just to say hi and make sure that I'm OK. Then by 2am I tried to sleep to prepare myself for the next day.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I'll Miss You All

These are the people whom I'm going to miss when I go to Baguio.

Image hosted by

The Komikeros, College Batchmates, Panasonic and Convergys Officemates and friends. Sorry I don't have pictures of some of my friends so heto na lang muna. Pagpasensyahan na lang hehehe.

Image hosted by

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Texas Instruments

I'll be starting my apprenticeship program at Texas Instruments (TI) in Baguio City on the 6th of April. So I might not be seeing you guys for quite sometime. I just can't drop this opportunity that TI is giving me because this will surely help me with my career as an engineer. I hope everything will be just fine. Just try to text me from time to time so that I won't get lonely. Ang lamig pa naman doon.