Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where to grab Paper Clip Komics Issue 1

Paper Clip Komics Issue 1 is available at:

Chunky Far Flung
Marikina Shoe Expo
Araneta Center, Cubao
Quezon City

and if you are in Davao;

Orlad's Crafts
Aldevinco Shopping Center
C.M. Recto St.
Davao City

if you are in Kidapawan City;

6A Convenience Store
Fronting Madonna Hospital
Daang Maharlika
Along Quezon Blvd.
Kidapawan City

Just send a note or two if you are interrested to grab one or e-mail us at:

Paper Clip Komics Specials 1: Children of the Dam Second Printing had been sold out. Thanks to all who grab a copy. I really appreciate it a lot. Thanks to Gerry Alanguilan, Ruel Sarmiento and Elmer Diname for the support.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm feeling a bit tired for the entire week. Maybe because I push myself too hard for the Komikon 2006 event and I didn't give enough time to have my body rest even for a brief moment. Well the result seemed to be bad because it affected my day job and other projects that I've bee doing. Even if I feel sore and tired I was able to finish my scripts for issue 2 and 3 and been nagging (sorry) the other artists about their scripts for issue 2 of Paper Clip Komiks. I'm really exhausted and I need to rest somehow.

I'm very occupied too in thinking about my application as ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Engineer. If I'm going to accept it or not because accepting it would mean I'll be working in Norway. I'll be away for at least 2 years for deep water explortion in the northern sees. Exciting? Yes. Sad? Yes. Well the good thing is I will be able to continue creating comics and send it here in Manila because they do have 24-hour internet access and we are allowed to use it during our free time. I haven't decided yet and I hope whatever my decision is would be the best one. Having in mind that I'm barely living here in Manila. The money I earn everyweek is just enough for food and transporation everyday and I need to look for extra income just to be able to pay rent. Hard? Yes. Sad? Not really. It's really hard to decide, at least for me.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


Komikon 2006 came and went but the memories remain. Elmer and Jofel are my officemates who when to the event and they were both very happy about it. Their experienced were truly be cherished.

The next day I came to the office with copies of my Indies. I sell it to some of my officemates and I was overwhelmed by how they responded with our Indies. They actually have their copies signed and have their photos taken with me. I am over the moon. I really didn't expect their reactions. It was a good feeling, great even.

Then one by one, after reading the Indies they bought from me, they came and told me that my works inspired them to create their own Indies and they told me that they would be joining the next Komikon (which is on 2007) and probably selling their own Indies. They also told me that it's a good thing that I started creating Indies and showed it to them because otherwise they won't be inspired in creating their own Indies. They also informed me to post more announcements on my cork board so that they'll know what events regarding comics, toys and the like to expect.

I am very happy that I was able to inspire my officemates (who are all artists for 2D animation) to create their own Indies. I was able to spark their lost passion for the medium. It's a great feeling to be an inspiration. I told them to do their thing and do whatever that would make them able to express themselves thru comics because in Indies there are no boundaries and rules. You're not restricted so it's total freedom to be you. I also told them to create their Indies today because Komikon is just oine event and there are a couple more events to show their crafts life Toycon, Sci-fi-con and others. I'm so excited to see their works and it makes me happy.

I expect on the next Komikon, new breeds will surely showcase their talents. Oh I'm looking forward to it.

The Komikon 2006 Report Part 02

After the Komikon 2006 had been officially opened, few people were already buying our indies and it's very overwhelming for us. They've asked for our autographs and we gladly signed them. We really enjoyed it a lot especially for Ruel because this was his 1st time to sell his indie comics.

Josel, Ruel and Elmer

An hour or so had passed when Ruel received as SMS from Mylene informing him that they are already outside the venue and they are very excited to join us in our indie booth. Mylene is with Shobee (who came all the way from Germany) and a couple of her friends. They greeted us and we barely talked because Ruel and I were very busy attending people who bought and browsed our indies.

Ruel and Mylene

I've told Ruel and Mye to eat lunch early because I'll be leaving by 2 pm. My parents and my brother Spikey came all the way from Kidapawan City so I have to see them. It's rare opportunity for me to see them here in Manila so I really have to use all the time they're here to be with them. I only got to see them once or twice a year.

Mye and Shobee

After Ruel and Mye finished their lunch I instructed them what to do. I tried to roam around the venue for a while just to visit booths and people. Looking at some of their works and saying "hi" and "hello" to peole I seldom meet. Then I left the event and headed straight to the hotel were my parents and my brother stayed.

I really enjoyed Komikon 2006. More people, more booths and lots of indies and artists. Though I haven't got any photo of myself during the event, the memories that I've had will surely be remembered.

Onward Filipino artist!!!

The Komikon 2006 Photos 01

Gerry and Jonas




Jofel, Ruel and Taga-Ilog

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Komikon 2006 Report Part 01

I arrived at the venue (Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman Campus) 30 minutes past 7 with my officemate Elmer (who is one of the marshalls). The Komikon '06 staffs were already there. Hi's and hello's then we started preparing the area for the event.

I had a chat with Ariel Atienza regarding his future projects and my own projects and where I am it leading to. I talk about Paper Clip Komics and my peers who'll be taking the indie journey with me. This and that.

Jonas Diego greeted me while I'm preparing our indie booth for the Indie Tiangge. We chatted for quite a moment. He'd changed a lot. Wow! His company seemed to be doing very well. They (IAS) were one of the event's sponsors and they'll be having a contest: Lead Slinger Challenge. And oh, with his people around, I hardly see him joking around. Well it's been a while and those were the days.

Then Ruel Sarmiento (Third World Project) came and he was escourted by Elmer. He seemed to be so excited as this was his debut in indie scene. I am sure he will be doing just fine. He'd evolved a lot as a storyteller and as an artist. Keep it up!

Then Gerry Alanguilan came with Ilyn and komikero Zara a few moments before the start of the event. Then followed by many more exhibitors, guests and sponsors.

Ruel let me borrowed his camera so I starter shooting photos to people like Jonas, Ilyn, Zara, Gerry, Wilson, David, Gilbert, Ariel, Reno and ang dami pang iba, while he had our Paper Clip Komics banner printed out.

Then the Komikon 2006 officially started by Syeri (organizer of thr event) and the people went wild (crazy kind of wildness - therefore we are!).

2nd part of the report coming soon (with photos)...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'll Always be a Comic Fan

Yesterday I went to the opening of Comic Odessey at Robinsons Galleria. I went there with my officemate Elmer and my pals Ruel and Mylene. I went there a bit earlier and tried to browse for some great finds. And I found a lot (but can't buy because of I don't have enough cash - alright I don't have extra money to spend for my hobbies). I enjoyed browsing and looking at the covers.

A few minutes later, the guests arrived. There were Gerry and Ilyn, Wilson, Carlo, Ed, Huet and Lienil came later. Just seeing them lights up my mood. I'm so proud of what they've achieved. So proud of what they still have to offer. I have my comic book signed and asked fo sketches. It's was all fun.

Among the artists, I find Gerry and Wilson easy to converse with. In Gerry's case maybe because ever since I joined Komikero he's been very accomodating and very welcoming. He doesn't put any barriers or some kind. It makes me feel more proud of him. Proud that he' a friend even. Though I've known him for quite a while, I still put high regard on him and what he does. He's just awesome and I'll always be his fan. Thanks for the sketch!!!

Wilson, on the other hand, is very down to earth. He's so humble. He likes to converse. Everytime he signs a book, he always find time to discuss how the book came to be. It makes you feel how the artist created it. Learn how passionate he is with his craft (he even shows you how he draws). He's funny and easygoing. He's one of the person that we should look up in an artist. Outgoing, talented and both feet firmly rooted to the ground.

I can't say much for the others though. I just can say they were good. Really good. But Gerry and Wilson are much easier to talk to. Thanks too for the sketch!!!

I also got sketches from the great Lienil and the awesome Carlo. Aren't you proud of them?!

Sunday, October 01, 2006