Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I went home early to talk to my landlady about my officemate who wanted to rent a room and so that my officemate will be able to take a peek at the room. Upon informing her about the situation she told me that she thought that I would be resigning so I will no longer continue my stay at the boarding house. I was shocked about what I heard. Apparently, my former room mate, which happens to be also an officemate of mine, told her that I would no longer work at TI hence I will no longer stay at the boarding house. I was so furious and since getting mad will get you no where I just calm down and explained to her the whole picture of the story. Now that she understand, I have to transfer to another room which could accommodate two persons only because the room that I am occupying now is good for three. Grrr. I just hate situations like this. How could people be so chatty and so assuming without even verifying if it's a fact or not. It's not really easy to move things from time to time, specially if we're talking about LOTS of things. This would be the second time that I will be moving. First from ground floor to attic and now from attic to the second floor. I might be transfer to to the roof later. Pakshet!!!

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