Tuesday, November 29, 2005

HS Reunion Host?

Don Henry's: my parents bar
Since 2002 we've been having our HS class of 1997 reunion and every year we voted for a host. Last year we voted Earnest as our host under the St. James class. Then later this month I've been receiving texts and e-mails informing and asking me regarding reunion as it is me will be the host for this year. At first it seems that they're just making fun and joking around 'til almost all of my batchmates are asking me and taking it all seriously. Their reason is that my parents open a bar in our province and they (our batchmates) suddenly decided that having the bar and all that, it would be best for me to be this years host. That's simply outrageous. Don Henry's: my parents bar How am I supposed to come up a money to spend for the food and drinks and the rent dor the place were in fact I'm jobless right now and the only reason I have money to spend is because of my savings from previous job and from my freelance job. I already told them to stop those nasty roumors. Gosh. Ok, I told them that if they wanted to use our place then the least I can do is to convince my parents to let us use the bar for a day for our reunion and the rest of our batchmates have to contribute for the food and drinks, and yeah I'm willing to be the host and I'll come up with a program to make it more special. But to spend all the expenses by myself, there's no way I can agree to that and even if I want to, I still don't have the resources. Well, if they insist, I could'nt care less if we have a reunion or not. Sigh. Don Henry's: my parents bar

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