Monday, December 19, 2005

Snake attack!!!

We saw a snake in our backyard the very day I went home from Manila. Me and two of my brothers captured it and put it inside the "plangana" and then covered it so that my dad will release it the next day. We had a hard time capturing it because we're afraid to be bitten by it. We use to rods w/ hooks and entangled the snake carefuly so that we won't hurt it. I'm glad we handled it well.

The snake is about a meter and a half in length and about 3 inches thick. It's a cobra and it didn't strike at anyone in particular at all. I think that it's much more afraid to us that us with it. It's a very nice experience and a very nice welcome for me.

Later that night I send an SMS to my friend and he told me thatI should try to play lotto because I might win and I told him the story and he gave me what numbers to pick.

I was also told by our neighbor that it brings luck. I hope so I may have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to come.

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