Sunday, September 04, 2005


I feel bad and sad today. I don't like what's happening. It's raining hard. Streets are jammed w/ vehicles. People everywhere. It's suffocating. I can't breath freely.

Actually, that's not the main reason. I have to meet a friend because he told me he has a problem and wanted my advice. I came and he's not alone. Introduced me to his friends with the church. I thought he needed to talk to me abot his problem, instead he keep on talking with his friends and ignoring me completely. Well, I need to act cool so I pretended that I was part of the conversation, even if it's obvious that I'm not. Apparently he looks like no problem at all. Had I known it, I shouldn't have come because I have a lot of other stuffs to do. I just left it because I am a friend and I thought he needed me. The worst thing was, after an hour he left me to join his other friends. I was not able to tell him that he offended me. Well, I hope what he did will not happen to him.


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