Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Tale of the Old and New Boarding House

I just transfered from one boarding house to another because me and my landlady could no longer find way to settle our differences. She accompanied me to her sister in law so that I could transfer there in a flash. Well, I tried my best to delay in packing my stuff so that she would lose her patient in wating for me to finaly moved out. After an hour or so I decided that it would be enough to send her patience to moon and back, so I stepped down from the attic (my so-called solitude away from her and the rest of her minions) and began to move things out. Eyes followed me everywhere I go because my boardmates couldn't understand as to why I moved out without any noticed. I hurriedly look for a cab so that I could transport my things the soonest possible time.

When I arrieved at the new boarding house, my new landlady began to spill all her frustrations and heartaches about her sister in law (my former landlady whom we shall call from now onwards -Countess Doomstress. She told me things beyond comprehension. I found out how mean and cruel she is. How she badly treated all her former boarders. She would change her mind in milliseconds if you show her the money. Well, she seemed to be a perfect anatgonist but my landlady told me that I haven't known the man behind the lady yet. He's far meaner and far more cruel than his wife, she said. I'm glad I didn't find out and I am not interrested in finding out either. I'm glad that I'm far away from them and they could no longer hurt the poor, unfortunate hero that is me.

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