Thursday, August 30, 2007

Operation Trim Down (The First Week Results)

Below is the result I got from that measuring instrument you find at Mercury Drug after a week of working it out on the gym:

Weight: 194 lb 4 oz / 88.5 kg
Height: 5 ft 9.7 in / 177cm
Blood Pressure:
Max Systolic 129 mmHg
Max Diastolic 80 mmHg
Pulse/minute 90
Body Fat Estimation:
Fat Index 22.6%
Fat Mass 44 lb 0 oz / 20.0 kg
Free F. Mass 150 lb 14 oz / 68.5 kg
Age and Gender: 27 male

As you can see I gained about 0.7 kg after one week of struggle in the gym as if I did nothing at all. Well I did cut down on my rice intake from two cups to a cup of rice, it didn't help as much as I expected it would somehow decrease my weight.

My Fat Index, on the other hand, decreases from 23.1% to 22.6% and my Fat Mass decreases by 0.2 kg yet I gained about 0.9 kg on my Free Fat Mass.

My BP is now 129/80 from 113/79, I'm not sure if that's ok but I think it is still between the normal values as stated by the World Health Organization. While my pulse rate is now 90 from 104.

That's the result of my one week work out at the gym for my "Operation Trim Down" plan. I exert a lot of effort yet I can't see any progress. I even joined cardio box, yoga, and hip hop classes just to lose weight fast. Oh, speaking of those classes, at first I was so conscious because I don't know a thing about all of those routines. I don't dance even. But when I think of losing weight I was able to hide my shyness and tried my best to cope up. Cardio box is very difficult for me. It's super fast and most of the time I am having the hard time coping with the routines because I'm not that flexible yet obviously because I have not been physically active for a very long time. After the first class, I thought that I would die. Almost every part of my body is shouting silently at me that they had just experienced torture and exhaustion beyond they could endure. Thanks to the gym management because they are offering free 5 minute massage per visit at the gym. Yoga, on the other hand, is not that hard because I was fortunate to attend the basic yoga class but it is still difficult for me because I can't seem to stretch my limbs and flex my body. But the perspiration I produced during that class amounts to the sweat I produced while running on the treadmill. Yoga is relaxing and it somehow eased the pain cause by lifting all those weights. Hip hop class, I must say, is so much fun. I said earlier that I do not dance but somehow the instructor try to teach you the basics gradually. At a very slow pace at first and then at a normal pace but when it's time to speed up I can no longer follow them hahaha. My body doesn't seem to respond to what my mind is asking it to do. So I did a lot of short cut moves. I had fun all week, I didn't imagine that going to the gym is so much fun. It was so much different from the gyms I used to go to before. Well you see, I did exert a lot of effort just to lose weight. I even cut of my food intake. I even take vitamins and minerals to help me go through all those things that I've been doing inside the gym. Well, It's just one week maybe some improvement will be expected after the second week. Let's see. Operation trim down.

Where's My Tool?

I often got scolded by my dad when I was little because everytime he was looking for his tools for the car he couldn't find it. It's not my fault that he couldn't find it but he just needed to release the pressure building inside him when he's pissed off of not finding what he needed immediately. For all the dads out there or even for the guys who couldn't seem to find what he needed in most dire time check this site called and you might find there what you needed to lesten the amount of time looking for something because you don't have a proper storage bins to place you stuffs. You will find all kinds of storing systems with the shelving! You will even save yourself from getting mad and shouting at some people who probably doesn't deserve to be shout at.

Shown below are the samples of the storage bins availble:

Disclodure: This is a paid post by

Broken Lines

I've been so occupied with programming for more than 4 months now that it ate up most of my time. When I arrived home from the office I got so tired already that my only consolation is to create vector art before going to sleep. I am not able to draw (the most important part of my life) anymore because I am already too exhausted to hold a pencil and scribble at my paper. I miss drawing so much that I felt guilty whenever I saw other people able to draw despite their busy schedule. There are times that I am so afraid that I won't have the same line quality as I have before. I am terrible. From now on, I will exert a lot of effort to try to draw even if I won't finish the whole illustration in one sitting. I will try my best to draw again everyday. I just felt so sad realising how I took my skills and love for the craft for granted. I will find time and do my best.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Be Inspired

There’s just too much that a person can take in his/her lifetime yet we are able to take so many things at once. We take it because we need to. We take all of it because we must and most of the time we take it all because we have no other choice. Then we end up thumped up to the bones - even to our very soul. There’s just in excess of things that we need to face each day that most of the time we forgot how to appreciate the wonders and gifts the Lord has given us.

I, for one, is very much beat up myself. There are times that I would want to stop the clock and just breathe in and out, hoping that as I exhale all the worries go away too. Yet we know that life doesn’t go that way. So we seek for something that would inspire us. May it be people, things, or words that would help to enlighten us so that we could go on our life. That no matter how beat up you are, you could still stand up and face everything because you are inspired to go on.

There is one blog over the internet that I found out recently that offers inspirational words - words that would uplift your soul and ease your mind. The blog is called Karl's blog by Karl Moore (a best-selling author and entrepreneur). His blog has interesting entries that one might found very helpful. He has entries that are set to inspire and help individuals in their spiritual growth. I really find Karl's blog very helpful. Whenever I am down, I tried to read through Karl's blog entries and try to find words that would somehow inspire me. Often, I can find it there. I suggest that you check his blog yourself. Who knows, you might even need it more than I do. Mondays and Fridays are special days for his blog. Mondays is for "Random Act of Kindness" and Fridays is for "Friday Factoid." I believe that you would find his blog exciting and inspiring as I do. So what are you waiting for? Visit his blog now and be inspired!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Operation Trim Down

Below is the result I got from that measuring instrument you find at Mercury Drug:

Weight: 193 lb 6 oz / 87.8 kg
Height: 5 ft 9.7 in / 177cm
Blood Pressure:
Max Systolic 113 mmHg
Max Diastolic 79 mmHg
Pulse/minute 104
Body Fat Estimation:
Fat Index 23.1%
Fat Mass 44 lb 14 oz / 20.2 kg
Free F. Mass 148 lb 14 oz / 67.6 kg
Age and Gender: 27 male

With my age and height, the normal weight should be between 62.7 kg to 78.0 kg so I am 9.8 kg overweight. The normal Body Mass Index is between 20 to 24.9 and I am over by 8 kg/m2. My BP is normal while I am over 3.1% on the normal fat index and 3.3 kg above normal fat mass.

Now everyone knows how big I am and I've been complaining about it. I decided now to take a step in reducing my weight and everything else that I need to trim down so I enrolled myself in a gym class. Yesterday was my day one and everything went smoothly and easily at first until I got to the crunches. How hard and painful was the experience for me. I even find it hard to move out the mat after the routine. Before when I am still slim and well-toned, these routines are nothing but a piece of cake but now it was excruciating experience. It's like I am being punished for eating more than I should and just programming all the time. But it's ok, if after all these sacrifices I will see myself glorious it's all worth it.

When I woke up the next morning, I find it hard to move and so hard to get up. My tummy aches. So I rolled down instead until I got myself into the edge of the bed and drop myself slowly to the floor. I never felt this way before. This is a bit too much, don't you think? Well, as what I have said, it's ok. I will get use to this in time.

Probably after a couple of weeks or after a month I will post another report on my progress. Operation trim down. Keep in touch.

Any more suggestions on how I am going to succeed? Please feel free to offer suggestions. I'm in need of your help.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goth Scene (The #1 Alternative Dating Community on the Net)

I'm sure almost all of you heard or have a friendster or myspace account, even multiply, right? Well, how about goth scene? Goth dating? I know, the name doesn't seems to ring the bell (well, at least for me). While browing the net for another type of community where they offer "different" type of environment from what we are used to, I came across goth scene and the first few words that caught my attention, aside from the word "goth" of course, is the tagline: The #1 Alternative Dating Community on the Net. Tempting? So I check it. Before you conclude that it's just another friendster-type page, try to check it out yourself first. I know some of you might even be a member of some other dating community on the net to search for that someone that you've been waiting all your life and if you are into this, this might be worth your time.

What goth scene set apart from the existing community over the internet is that this page is dedicated for all the "goths" out there. In fact at the bottom of the main page there are lines that best describes the the page. Here they are:

"Welcome to Dedicated to bringing gothic singles together in a totally free atmosphere. Email other members, IM other members, or add them to your blackbook. Meet other hot and sexy girls or guys who have intersts in the gothic lifestyle. Many members love techno, punk rock, and goth music"

"We pride ourselves in having real gothic personals where real gothic members are looking to meet other like minded goth friends. Online dating for people into the goth scene has never been easier."

If you are living a gothic life. If you are having a gothic lifestyle. This site is made just for you. Joining is free and it only takes a minute. Joining the community will allow goth scene to better match you with other members.

Goodluck and you may find your soulmate soon at Goth Scene.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sharp by Design

I found out a blog about men's fashion. I am not into fashion really but when I tried to browse it, there were articles there that caught my attention like what not to wear in the office, how to look like a celebrity, and stuff. I must confess that those articles are intriguing. The way you dress really changes the way you look and how people will look at you. I remember a friend of mine who used to wear shorts and plain shirts and people treated him like his nobody. Now, you could easily spot him in a crowd wearing those nice looking pants and long sleeves and you would easily know that he's somebody. He sure is somebody now, running a huge art company and all that. With a girlfriend who might even collecting Handbags from Belisi.I think I will like this little blog called Sharp by Design.

Here are some sample stuffs that you might find in it's blog:

1. Worn-out shoes
You’ve heard it before: the shoes make the outfit! Don’t think that no one will notice that your heal is cracked and the tip of your wingtips are scuffed and devoid of any of their former hue. Get a new pair of shoes—even if you have to eat Lucky Me pancit canton for a week.

-- I remember when I was in high school and my parents can't afford to buy me a new pair of shoes. Most people looked at it and make faces. At first I didn't know why, then when I finally got to have new shoes I began to notice how nice they (teachers and classmates alike) look at me. Imagine, how small things could change how people look at you, or treat for that matter.

This got to be my fav article. It's a guide that shows the various ways you can tie a tie, including the Four-in- Hand knot, Windsor Knot and Pratt/Shelby knot.

This article shows you how to fold your pocket square nicely.

Handbags, scarves and other accessories you can give your girlfriend for a gift.

There are more articles there that I think that would help us men look better. In case you might be needing something that you like to have or something you saw that you like, you can always check the links section on where to find them.

Disclosure: This is a paid post by

Vector Art : Labing

Here's another vector that I finished last night. That's my sister and I tried to be more ambitious this time around. I added more colors and more shapes. This took me 4 days to complete because I only got to do it after I went home from work. I work about 2 to 4 hours a night. Yes, this is more difficult for me to vectorized. This has about 813 layers in total.

Again, I can't decide what background color to use. So here's the black background.

And here's the white background.

This is the original photo.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kidapawan Fruit (Timpupo) Festival 2007

Schedule of Activities of Kidapawan City Fruit (Timpupo) Festival

August 18- thanksgiving mass, fruit float parade, opening program, passporting, cutting of ribbon: trade fair and booth competition, wall climbing, 1st camp Apo 24 hours adventure race, pop dance and dance sport competition.

August 19- inter-collegiate, cheerdance competition, guest band performer "Jr Kilat"

August 20- , paper mache competition, various fruit contest and fun games, talent night for "Search for Lakambini Year 2"

August 21- fruit farm tour and search for ideal fruit farm, info. & comm. technology (ICT) forum, forum on good agri. practices for mango, final search for Lakambini ng Timpupo Year 2

August 22- fruit congress, exhibits and product demonstration, jobs fair, SK night featuring a guest band performer

August 23- fruit galore with guest Marc Logan, WOW Davao Game show, search for Ms. Fruity Gay 2007

August 24- Street Dancing competition (host: Marc Logan), inter-collegiate basketball semi-finals, battle of the bands

August 25- koong trail rehab and clean up drive, inter-collegiate basketball championship, 1st Mayor Gantuangco airsoft friendship game, 1st mayor RYG Cup motorcross competition

Kidapawan was derived from the Manobo words “tida”, meaning spring and “pawan” meaning highland, hence, “Spring in the Highland”. The first settlers were predominantly Manobos. The influx of Christian settlers from Luzon and the Visayas has resulted in the evolution of the word Tidapawan to Kidapawan.

The city has a total population of 94,823 as of 1998, with 40 barangays. It has a total land area of 273,252 hectares. Later, four other municipalities were created out of Kidapawan, thus diminishing its area to 33,926.4 hectares.

On Feb. 12, 1998, then president Fidel Ramos signed Republic Act No. 8500 declaring Kidapawan a component city of Cotabato. Despite strong opposition from certain sectors, RA 8500 was finally ratified on March 21, 1998.

The city’s strategic location at the foot of Mt. Apo provides the city with vast tourism potentials waiting to be tapped. One of the major tourist attractions is the Mt. Apo’s twin peaks and home to the almost extinct Philippine Eagle.

The city has two lakes, one is the Lake Venado which is hidden among the mountain ranges at an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level and the other one is the Lake Agko, a steaming blue lake where hot and cold springs converge at an elevation of 4,200 feet above sea level. It is five kilometers away from the jump-off point at Barangay Llomavis.

To know more about Kidapawan City visit


If you're in Kidapawan City, don't forget to drop by and visit our bar "Don Henri's Bar" located at KCRCI Compound, Quezon Blvd. (National Highway), Kidapawan City or shop at 6A 24-hr Convinience Store located at Quezon Blvd. (National Highway), Kidapawan City fronting Madonna Hospital.

Monday, August 13, 2007

1st Vector Art : Hillary Duff

I've noticed that there are so many artist who are into vector art. I can almost see it everywhere. Posters, logos, websites, and just almost everywhere. I looked up into the Wiki to know what's vector art or graphics. And here's what Wiki says about it: Vector graphics (also called geometric modeling or object-oriented graphics) is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons, which are all based upon mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics. It is used in contrast to the term raster graphics, which is the representation of images as a collection of pixels.

Now that I know what vector art is, I tried it myself. Below is the result. I think I did ok. What you think? It took me quite long to finish this one. It took 568 layers in order for me to conclude that the art is done. I hope you all like it.

Here's another version, just a white background.

Here's the original photo that I took from the net. She's Hillary Duff from the Lizzie Mcguire TV series at the Disney's Channel.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

World of Fun

Yesterday, I went to "World of Fun" to relax and play. I played Street Fighter and then I got tired after a while. I noticed the "Piso" games and tried my luck. Then without knowing, I've been tossing my Php 1.00 coins and I did have a lot of fun. It was exciting for me and I did sure forget about some of the problems that have been bothering me for a couple of weeks already.

I didn't noticed that it was closing time already. I won about 329 tickets. Not bad for a 20 minute game right. Hehehe, I was so happy to win that much tickets.

I exchanged my tickets for 82 pieces of Menthos candies, and one shiny blue stone. It seems that the child in me got out again. Yes, I might looked like a little child very excited to get his price after a very exciting game. I'll definitely try it again sometime.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Home Away from Home

My mom and aunt are frequent flyers. They travel abroad at lease once in two months. They prepare a lot and there's just so much to think of. I thought that it must be really tiring and there's just so much to prepare for. I ask my aunt about a couple of her experiences traveling abroad and why she travels in the first place. She told me that traveling has become one of her passion. She wants to go places and experience what its like to live in a foreign land even for a brief moment. She got to see the places that she used to see on pictures. She got to experience first hand the diffirent cultures and understand it. She got to meet a lot of people. She is able to gain friends among them. That's what she loves about traveling. The reason why she travels.

My mom, on the other hand, travels because of work. Business meetings here, trainings and symposiums there, and talking to people where she is needed. Unlike my aunt, there's so much to prepare for and not just her personal stuff but all the materials she needed for a certain event as well. There's so much to prepare that even booking in a hotel takes a lot of her time. Yet she takes time to enjoy her trips, if you may want to call it that too, whenever possible. That's the reason my mom travels.

Come to think of it, if I want to travel I need to prepare my things, my flight schedule/s, my iterinary, and even the hotel. There's so much work to do. Thinking of it, might even lose your interest to travel. But now, I saw on website about Hotel Reservations and apon browsing it you'll see that they have a lot to offer that would help you ease your mind and will save you a lot of time preparing yourself if you want to travel.

Hotel Reservations offers different services. If you want to look for the perfect hotel to stay you just click on the hotel button. There you can search for your city, what day to check-in, what day to check-out, how many are you with, and number of rooms you want to occupy. Then the website will show you the best hotels with the best rates. They will give you an information of the hotel's location, average nightly rates (in US $), the photos of the hotel, the information about the city and so much more. You may even compare one hotel from another. This is convinience. You can book your hotel right from the website. Guaranteed Lowest Rates!!

If you think that's what Hotel Reservations can do, there's more! You can also book your flight here. It will gice you different options or flights to choose from. It will show you the airline and flight number, time of departure and arrival, and the best price of course. If you visit the Hotel Reservations now you'll see what I am talking about. There's even an instruction on how to navigate the site. Isn't it wonderful? I will surely tell my mom and aunt about what I found out about this website. When it's my time to travel, I will difinitely check this website too.

You can contact them at (1) 817-333-5105 for reservations or inquiries. If you are in US or Canada you can call the hotline 1-800-447-4136. If you are in Europe call 00-800-1276-3549.

My... How Big We've Grown

Got this photo from Ruel's (right-most in the picture) account on deviantart. This photo was taken last Toy-Con 2007 at the MegaMall. We all got fat. That's Elmer (left-most), Mylene, Me, and Ruel. Maybe it's because of the changes of our lifestyle and work. We seldom do physical activities like what we used to do in college. We all got too busy and preoccupied with work that we forgot to play. Well, we need to do something about it. What can you suggest?

Monday, August 06, 2007


Theme: “Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa”

(Free translation: “A gift of tongues for a strong nation”)

Wika2007 Sheero Media Solutions - Web Design and Development Yehey! Manila Bulletin

Wika2007 Blog Writing Contest

The Wika2007 Blog Writing Contest is a group writing effort aiming to trumpet the beauty and strength of the Filipino Language in line with this year’s Buwan ng Wika theme: Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa(Free translation: “A gift of tongues for a strong nation”). With the significance of the Internet in shaping the culture today, blogging about the Language will not only enforce the online Filipinos’ love for their native tongue, but also promote it to bloggers around the world.

The submission of entries will officially start on August 6, 2007, and shall end on August 18, 2007. Judging shall be from August 20 to 25, 2007. The winning entry will be announced at the Pinoy Blogosphere site on August 29, 2007.

The contest is open to all Filipino bloggers, both in the Philippines and abroad.

Here’s an excerpt from “Keynote na Talumpati sa 2007 Nakem Conference”:

Ano ang batayan at katwiran ng “Maraming wika, Matatag na bansa”?

Ang batayan at katwiran ay may kinalaman sa pagiging multilinggwal at pagiging multikultural ng mga Pilipino. Sa halip na isang disbentahe, itinuturing ng komisyon na napakalaking bentahe ang pagkakaroon ng Pilipinas ng mahigit na 170ng wika. Pangsampu tayo sa pinakamaraming wika sa buong daigdig, sa kabila ng palasak at mapangmenos na palagay na ang mga wikang ito’y pawang mga dialekto lamang. Ang natural na kundisyon ng karaniwang Pilipino at ng karaniwang mamamayan ng daigdig ay hindi lang iisa ang alam nitong wika. Sa karaniwan, ang Pilipino at ang karaniwang tao sa daigdig ay may alam na dalawa o mahigit pang wika. Si Hesukristo ang pinakamainam na halimbawa ng pagiging multilinggwal, sapagkat marunong siya ng Aramaic, ng Hebrew, Griyego at Latin. Si pangulong GMA ay mainam na halimbawa ng isang Pilipino. Maalam siya sa Kapampangan, Sinebwano, Ilokano, Tagalog, Ingles at Espanyol. Dahil sa katotohanang ito, ang ideya at pangakong pag-unlad sa ilalim ng isang sentralisadong nasyon-estado na may iisang sentralisadong wikang pambansa ay naglalaho.

Read more

Source: KWF, “Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa”

by Ricardo Ma. Nolasco Ph.D., Tagapangulo, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino

The Organizers

The Wika 2007 Blog Writing Contest is organized by the moderators of the Pinoy Blogosphere. The Pinoy Blogosphere is a group of around 400 Filipino bloggers who work together to promote a strong Filipino community within the blogging scene.


  • Grand Prize: Php5,000 + 1yr Domain Registration. + 1yr 100mb hosting

  • Second prize: Php3,000 + 1yr Domain Registration + 1yr 100mb hosting

  • Third prize: Php1,000 + 1yr Domain Registration + 1yr 100mb hosting

  • plus consolation prizes…

Click here for the whole details...

Michael's Birthday

Another year has gone by and another year that I was not home to celebrate my brother's birthday. I may not be there to greet you personally but you know I always be there for you. Happy birthday borther!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bloggers can be Rich

On an ordinary day in the office, during my lunch break, I decided to go blog hopping online. I usually read through blogs of my friends to see how they are doing so I can actually know what's happening with them even without actually seeing them. Blogging and blog hopping have been one of the hobbies that somehow become a part of me. Through this medium, I can exchange information to different bloggers and I can even write things that I normally would not tell just anybody.

I stumbled accross Pao's blog and I've notice she has ads on her page now. I was a bit curious as to why a person like Pao would do such things. She's straight forward and doesn't like propaganda's or things that would waste your time. There must be something in that ads that she could get something in return. So I clicked on one of the ads. That ad happens to direct me to payperpost page. Then I decided to check on it and try it myself. Who knows, I might get something from it too.

Being a member, I was able to read a lot about other people earning a lot by joining payperpost and they earned it through blogging. Wow! I told myself this is simple. I just write and then earn cash in return. Genius. I love the idea. This would be a great opportunity for me too so why not grab it. One thing more that I love about payperpost is the fact that you will be able to tell other people about it and learn about it. These people who read your blog could earn cash too if they will join payperpost . Everyone would be happy.

I am recommending payperpost to all my friends and readers. Who knows, you might be earning a lot here.

Posh & Becks

I saw this photo of David and Victoria Beckham, taken by Steven Klein, while browsing the net. That photo is the July cover of W magazine, I think they're hot in this photo so I tried to read through the article. Then I decided to check the rest of the bunch (photos). They (David and Victoria) looked like 2 models trying to pose for an underwear ad. They already have 3 children but Victoria's body seemed like it had never undergone pregnancy ever, thank-you-doc perhaps?. Maybe, maybe not. She's so thin (sexy yet looks unhealthy) and I think needs to eat more, if she's eating at all that is. Overall, though there are shots that doesn't tell what it is all about, I think the photos are well taken .

I you are interested to read more and see the rest of the photos just click on here...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

When the seventh and the last of the Harry Potter books was released last July 21, 2007, I was so envious with the other people who already got their own copy. I can't have my own copy yet because I don't have enough money to buy one (budget has been so tight). Instead, I just bought an empty box of the book, which cost me Php 10.00, just to make me feel a little better.

At the end of July, I was so ecstatic because our salary finally came so I hurriedly went to National Bookstore Main (Araneta Center, Cubao) to get a copy of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Now I have my own copy and I am so happy and very excited reading it.

Just to tell you something about what I read so far... Someone already **** in the first chapter... Of course, I won't be telling who... I hate spoilers so I don't want to be one and being hated...

Komikon 2007

Yehey! Komikon is fast approaching! It's on November 17, 2007at UP Campus, Bahay ng Alumni, UP, Diliman. I am already so excited to attend the event. There will be more komiks this time I expect. Paperclipkomics is definitely going to be there. We will still be displaying Issue 1 & 2 and hopefully be able to release Issue 3. See you all there!