Saturday, December 31, 2005

Durian Ice Cream

One of my all time favorite fruit is Durian and Durian ice cream is my all time favorite ice cream. Way back in Manila, I just can't locate Durian Ice Cream and even if I look anywhere there's no available one. Even in hotels whenever my parents visit me in Manila, they still don't serve that flavor. I would tell my friends about it, how it taste and how it makes me feel so happy. They got curious even those who didn't like the fruit because of the smell wanted to taste the Durian ice cream. Until one day I was informed that Durian ice cream is only available in Mindanao. That's when I stopped looking for one.

Upon arriving at Davao International airport, I was fetched by my parents and we headed straight at VIctoria Plaza Mall. We met my sister and my tita. I find them near the Guess Kids stall and saw them eating 2 pints of ice cream. My sister was eating Halo-halo flavored ice cream and my tita was eating DURIAN flavored ice cream. Woah!!! I told my tita if she would have me her ice cream because I've been craving for it for years!!! She gave it to me knowing I miss it a lot. The first taste was heaven. The moment it touches my lips I felt I was in cloud number nine. It's just so amazingly taste so damn terrific for me. I finished eating it in a minute so I thought. I just love it.

Upon arriving at Kidapawan I requested for mom to buy a whole galon of DURIAN ice cream. We bought one and it didn't last a day.

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