Saturday, December 31, 2005

Frogs (Frog Prince), Snoopy atbp...

Me and my mom displayed some of our collections for the New Year Celebration. Maybe for good luck and being prosperous for the year to come. First, we take out our Frog collections from the cabinets and displayed them in our sala. Well for those who didn't know, I love frogs. I just like them, though the live version were not appealing to me. My friends in college knew that I love frogs. They even give me a Baki for a nick name which meant frog in visayan dialect. I don't know if I just influence my mom or she just love them too because she collects them too. Hmmm, maybe I am a Frog Prince after all but I don't need the princes cuase I'm already handsome as you see hahaha. The prince part? Hmmm, i might need a princess for that in the future I think.

Second, I also displayed my Snoopy Collections. All of them were toys that come with the McDonald's Happy Meal. Hehehe I remembered that I would even bought Happy Meals for my friends just to complete my collection. My favorite Happy Meal is the Burger McDo Happy Meal and I would exchange the burger McDo for a regular Hamburger because of the onions and pickles even if I would wait for a couple of minutes just to prepare them. My little brother, Spikey, plays with them all the time thats why some of my Snoopy's lost their hats. :(

Lastly, all the stuffed toys in our house wearing red color were also displayed. That's why we had to change Kutchie's clothes and have him wear his red rain coat instead. All our dog and horse toys and figurines were also taken out from the cabinets to be displayed.

That's my brother Spikey with Thomas the bear. Both of them wear red for the New Year celebration. Well, I hope we all get the luck that we needed for the year to come and of course God's blessings and guidance as well.

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