Thursday, August 27, 2009

FALL-OUT BOY: Lifestyle Section, Manila Bulletin, August 28, 2009

Extreme Weather Contingencies

Photography: Henry Anima II (
Styling: Pol Tapia (
Hair & Make-Up: Lhenvil Paneda
Clothes: Folded and Hung, Masaki, Penshoppe, 21st/8
Model: Arth
Editor: Isabel C. De Leon
Fashion/i: Joyce L. Fernandez

Monday, August 24, 2009

CALL OF THE WILD: Lifestyle Section, Manila Bulletin, July 31, 2009

Photography: Henry Anima II (
Styling: Pol Tapia (
Hair & Make-Up: Adrian Adraincem
Clothes: Ivarluski Aseron, John Herrera, Jo San Antonio Estrellas Manila
Accessories: Estrellas Manila and Paul Herrera
Model: Nadine
Location: Casa de Carlo, Las Brisas de Tagaytay

READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP: Lifestyle Section, Manila Bulletin August 14, 2009

Photography: Henry Anima II (
Styling: Pol Tapia (
Hair & Make-Up: Dino Lazaro (
Clothes: Ivarluski Aseron, Lyle Ibanez, Estrellas Manila, My Theme
Accessories: Estrellas Manila
Model: Jodilly and Avonlea of Julius Uy

BusinessMirror Life - Melvin Lachica: Blue is the New Black

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Passing By

I had a habit that if I like your latest blog entry I back-read. There’s one blog that I used to visit years before but lately was not able to due to some unforeseen reasons. My heart skipped a beat. I was completely shaken, utterly speechless, and absolutely flabbergasted upon reading the last entry. Tears ran unreservedly from my eyes as I back-read.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Form

Photography: Henry G. Anima II
Model: Blenda Ariola
Styling: Anton Belardo
Make-up: Albert Kurniawan
Hair: Arj
Designers:Alex Bitong, Eric Delos Santos, John Herrera, Joel Escober, Regine Dulay, Reian Mata, Veejay Floresca
Shoes: Shoescape
Reian Mata

Alex Bitong

Alex Bitong

Eric Delos Santos

Joel Escober

Joel Escober

John Herrera

John Herrera

Regine Dulay

Regine Dulay

Veejay Floresca

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Muse And The Artist

On Brent: Sheer blue and white stripe topcustomized hand painted skinny denim pants with tulle detail

On Anton: Layered pinstripe coat with leather bow detail

pop art neon yellow rain coat with tulle detail

hand painted beaded frame, Nude "love me" beaded undies

jackpot B dress

nude gloves, hand dyed/hand painted shapeless top

melted spike heart head piece,customized neon bootsBlue man dressstructural black tops

"fashion was always synonymous to art for me.
One can easily express ones self by wearing outfits based on their emotions.
Mondays can be utterly depressing, Tuesdays are usually Nostalgic,
Wednesdays you tend to fall in love, and Fridays can be very random.
For me art is a form of release.
I reconstruct my negative raw emotions into something beautiful.
I played around with the idea of mix media art and combining it with fashion.
I used a variety of mediums to create lines, texture, and volume.
Most of my designs are unisex; Maybe its because i love the idea of breaking the general rule of gender .
i find the word “androgyny” very... sexy" - Anton Belardo, Stylist/Designer