Tuesday, February 26, 2008


After office I went directly to the gym then after 20 minutes on the thread mill I suddenly lost interest in working out. Maybe due to the very long day at the office and lack of sleep the night before. So I decided to eat two slices of chicken barbe-que, some fried noodles, half a cup of rice. Then I head home.

Since there's nothing much to do I decide to try my "do-it-yourself" soft box. I bought a flood light and put it inside a box and cover one end with tracing paper to soften the light that comes out of the flood light. And I think the output is ok. My skin seemed smoother and kind of flawless. Iba talaga pala ang nagagawa ng ilaw sa photo ano? No need to use clone and healing tools so I had more time concentrating on the kind of output I want to achieve ang worry less on blemishes.

Hehehe what do you think? Oks ba ang ilaw ko?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nourish The Children

I was invited by Ruel Sarmiento of Nourish the Children program by NU Skin Enterprises to be the photographer of said activity at Bro. Macantog, Sityo Kutyo in Tanay Rizal, Philippines. This was one photos of the children I took who were given VitaMeal bags to address malnutrition. The experience was heartfelt and it opened my eyes that even in our own areas there are a lot of children who are suffering from malnutrition that most of us refuse to see and just ignore that fact. I am glad that I was able to help and I am hoping that through my photos I will create awareness of malnutrition and that we should do something about it. My photos clearly shows that these children are so enthusiastic and very happy despite their present situation. They easily welcome people who would like to help them. Next month, our team will be back to give more food and I hope I can bring some donations from people who would like to make a difference.

If you'd like to help and donate just try to contact me or Ruel to know where you could bring your donations. We are also planning to have an exhibit of the photos taken during our visit to create more awareness of the "Nourish The Children" program and we might sell copies of the photos and the proceeds will go the the said program. We are open to suggestions and tips on how to spread this program. Next month the team will be back to Bro. Macantog, Sityo Kutyo in Tanay Rizal to deliver more food and some donations that we will gather from you guys.

Hope a lot of you guys will respond. Tips and suggestions and of course donations are highly appreciated.

The team who went there last February 17, 2008 were Don Mebrano, Ruel Sarmiento, Pastor Jolly and sister Rose of Church of God the Living Stone, and I.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Owynne's Birthday

We celebrated Owynne's birthday at his place in Pasig City last January 26, 2008. It's been years since we last saw each one of us. From above photo (left to right) me, Brian, Reynald, Ronald, Owynne, Andy and Ryan. Amongst our batch, we are the ones who are working in Manila. Jay Art and Edgar was not able to make it due to work and other schedules. All of us were college classmates and we're part of the first batch of ECEs from Ateneo De Davao University (wow it's been like 6 years since college, time really flies fast). Below are some of the photos taken during the celebration.

Andy and Ryan

Brian, Reynald, Ronald and Owynne

Andy, Ronald and Owynne

Jackie (Owynne's partner) and Brian's friend.