Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fish Balls, Chicken Balls, Squid Balls...

I've been eating a lot of streetfoods lately. Everytime I pass by Aurora St., or anywhere I can find Manong cooking those lovely and delicious chickenballs, I can't stop but pick those which are ready to eat using a stick. Then I dip it all in vinegar and then dip it again in their special sauce and alas I ate it all.


Indeed I find it delicious really, most of the time I could eat 16 pieces of chicken balls. I don't know really what's in it but I just love it. I also noticed that everytime I stay there and pick those mini balls, people would often come and pick some as well. Or if I saw a person picking, I just can't help it but pick some myself as well. Hehehe. It might seem odd but people love them.

There are occasions when I buy those in malls or supermarket and even fried it myself at home but the taste seems different. I just don't like eating it that way. But when I'm in the streets it just so delicious. Maybe the place where to eat it has something to do with it. The ambiance maybe hehehe.

Hmmm maybe later I might find Manong and try to eat as many chicken balls as I could. Ciao.

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