Saturday, December 31, 2005

Neil Gaiman and Fully Booked Comic Book Contest

Earlier on the month of December, I was informed by a friend that Fully Booked and Neil Gaiman is having a Comic book writing contest and he told me that he wasn't sure of the guidelines so I have to go to Fully Booked to ask for it. I totally forgot about it because I'm too busy preparing my things and ticket to go home to the province for the Holidays. Then, just this very moment I decided to open my blog and put some entry before the year ends, I decided to greet friends through their blogs. I came acros Gerry Alanguilan's blog and I saw a link of the contest. I then remembered what my friend told me so I tried to open the site but I just can't register because it always says "Page Cannot Be Found." So I decided to try to join the contest by going to Fully Booked and register there by myself in person instead of registering online.

I want to try to join and try my luck. Who knows I might win! Hehehe. Though I know that it would be a very hard competition because they are really talented Filipinos out there waitting to be discovered and Contest and Opportunities like this will showcas the "Totoong Galing ng Pinoy,"

Even if I will not make it or won't be able to join, I will still try to make the best of it and try to create a good story.

Below is the guideline that I've saved from one of Gerry's blog readers. Just click this link for the Contest Guideline. Wish us all the best!!! Go Pinoy!!!


We all wear read including Kutchie (extended family member)
All of us wear red. My parents, my brothers, my sister, Tata (our scholar) and even Kutchie and Thomas the bears. This is for good luck according to my mom for the year to c0me. We enjoyed our simple New Year Celebration because we are complete once again unlike last year when I have to go back to Manila after Christmas because of work. It just feel good to be home.

Our simple celebration started with pressing the horns of our vehicles, using the torotot, jumping for growing tall, throwing coins inside the house and hugging and kissing each other while greeting Happy New Year to each one of us. Then, the confettis were thrown and the wine drinking. Then we ate. After that we take pictures and drink some more wine and beer.

We do have a great time and all of us enjoyed even if our celebration was simple. What's important is all of us where there and we are Happy and blessed by God.


Profile Viewed 122 times!!!

I just opened my friendster and checked my profile and I noticed that it has been viewed 122 times. Woah, this is the first time for me to actually reach the 100th mark and it exceeded by 22 views. Well this might be someting normal for other who were viewed beyond a thousand but this is unusual for me. Hmmm, maybe because it Christmas and they just remembered me. I hope so. Hehehe, let's see if I can maintain this number even if I think I would.

Durian Ice Cream

One of my all time favorite fruit is Durian and Durian ice cream is my all time favorite ice cream. Way back in Manila, I just can't locate Durian Ice Cream and even if I look anywhere there's no available one. Even in hotels whenever my parents visit me in Manila, they still don't serve that flavor. I would tell my friends about it, how it taste and how it makes me feel so happy. They got curious even those who didn't like the fruit because of the smell wanted to taste the Durian ice cream. Until one day I was informed that Durian ice cream is only available in Mindanao. That's when I stopped looking for one.

Upon arriving at Davao International airport, I was fetched by my parents and we headed straight at VIctoria Plaza Mall. We met my sister and my tita. I find them near the Guess Kids stall and saw them eating 2 pints of ice cream. My sister was eating Halo-halo flavored ice cream and my tita was eating DURIAN flavored ice cream. Woah!!! I told my tita if she would have me her ice cream because I've been craving for it for years!!! She gave it to me knowing I miss it a lot. The first taste was heaven. The moment it touches my lips I felt I was in cloud number nine. It's just so amazingly taste so damn terrific for me. I finished eating it in a minute so I thought. I just love it.

Upon arriving at Kidapawan I requested for mom to buy a whole galon of DURIAN ice cream. We bought one and it didn't last a day.

Palengke Day in Kidapawan

Image hosted by Image hosted by

My parents and I went to the public market to buy food and stuff that we were not able to buy earlier for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Since it's market day some other vendors were displaying their stuff along the streets and they were a lot them and a lot of buyers too. The next pictures shows the different kind of tuyo or dried fish that can be found in our market place here in Kidapawan. Most of the tuyo shown in the pictures were not available in Manila. The ManileƱos won't even believe me when I told them the different varities of tuyo that we offered here in Kidapawan because they told me that those kind of fishes are to vailable to be made into dried fish - like Lapu-lapu. I told them that we do have them and it's expensive too. I told them that I would bring some in Manila after the holidays when I'll be back.

Image hosted by

Anyways, while touring the palenke I was able to find the finger-like carrots that I've been looking for too long back in Manila. So I bought a lot for salad. I love those kind of carrots because you don't need to slice them just prepare it nice and clean and put it in your salad and alas it's ready to be eaten. Hehehe I did ate a lot of salad during the Noche Buena.

Frogs (Frog Prince), Snoopy atbp...

Me and my mom displayed some of our collections for the New Year Celebration. Maybe for good luck and being prosperous for the year to come. First, we take out our Frog collections from the cabinets and displayed them in our sala. Well for those who didn't know, I love frogs. I just like them, though the live version were not appealing to me. My friends in college knew that I love frogs. They even give me a Baki for a nick name which meant frog in visayan dialect. I don't know if I just influence my mom or she just love them too because she collects them too. Hmmm, maybe I am a Frog Prince after all but I don't need the princes cuase I'm already handsome as you see hahaha. The prince part? Hmmm, i might need a princess for that in the future I think.

Second, I also displayed my Snoopy Collections. All of them were toys that come with the McDonald's Happy Meal. Hehehe I remembered that I would even bought Happy Meals for my friends just to complete my collection. My favorite Happy Meal is the Burger McDo Happy Meal and I would exchange the burger McDo for a regular Hamburger because of the onions and pickles even if I would wait for a couple of minutes just to prepare them. My little brother, Spikey, plays with them all the time thats why some of my Snoopy's lost their hats. :(

Lastly, all the stuffed toys in our house wearing red color were also displayed. That's why we had to change Kutchie's clothes and have him wear his red rain coat instead. All our dog and horse toys and figurines were also taken out from the cabinets to be displayed.

That's my brother Spikey with Thomas the bear. Both of them wear red for the New Year celebration. Well, I hope we all get the luck that we needed for the year to come and of course God's blessings and guidance as well.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gonzales Reunion

CW: Myking, me, Ading, Labing, Epoy, Butchik and Kenjie
Last Dec. 29, 2005, my mom's side of the family (Gonzales) decided to meet up after a very long time. Though some were no able to attend because of the "distance" we were still able to have the time of our lives.

Me and my brothers and sister left the house at about 5:55pm because it's raining and we were waiting for our dad to fetch us and send us to Don Henri's Bar for the reunion. After the rain is gone we decided to go ourselves because we were already late. Of course, we were afraid to be scolded adn be late to the party. My sister, Labing, says (trying to copy our tita Even's expression) "Pagkatibay jud ninyong mga bataa oi." Which means we were so tough of not following her earlier instructions to be there as early as 4pm. We laughed though we were a bit scared because we don't want to upset her.

Upon arriving at the area and saw our tita Even, she just greeted us casually. We were stunned because we didn't expect that kind of reaction from her. We were imagining of a more scarry type of greeting but she was so friendly. Then, we told her about what we were expecting and she just laughed at us.

Close up daw

Then the program begun and we were introduced to the different members of the family. We ate a lot. My, there were so much food. I ate a total of 12 fresh lumpia hahaha. Yes, I just can't have enough of it. Then we played videoke and the highest points received will win. My brother Epy won the game. Then all picked their songs and we ended at about 2am the next day.

another pose

We had so much fun. And we all hope that next all other members of the family will be able to make it this time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


11 soars to heaven...
We belong there...
Fly high beyond the sky...
Reaching heights...
Together free...
This secret journey we have to take...
Leads us where we must be...
Entangled w/ each others might...
We're set to be where we should be...
11 means a starting line...
Hope to be where we should be...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Not another crap

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Friday, December 23, 2005


I just love eating street food. Now I like to eat bituka ng pig, bilog, tenga, and pork's meat barbecues. I just can't help eating it. I love how those barbecues were being prepared. Like fishballs, whenever I saw a stand where they sell barbecues, I usually order. I make sure that I dip it in vinegar for a long time to enhance the taste before I eat it. Maybe these foods are one of the reasons why I'm gaining weight rapidly. Well, what can I do I just love them.

MKWD Family Day

My brothers and sister, we're not in Quidditch world cup We attended the Metro Kidapawan Water District Family Day. We were early because my Mom had to prepare the gifts for her co-employees and mga inaanak. The event started w/ a mass and then speeches from VIP's and employees with high positions. My mom gave the opening remarks, followed by our city mayor and so on and so forth. Then different numbers given by different employees and their families followed. Then there were games like volleyball, trivia questions and some parlor games. Then giving of gifts and rice.

As you can see in the photo above, the event was held at the basketball court. See how colorful the huge umbrella's. I feel like we're in a world quidditch match. There were also vendors who gave their pop corns, cotton candy and ice cream for fee (the MKWD management already paid for it all). It's so much fun.

I played volleyball and I don't know how to play the game anymore. It's just too hard for me to control the ball. I'm much too strong for it. Even if I didn't exert effort in hitting the ball it still went outside the line. We lost. Hehehe but we had a very good time.

I'm glad that I attended the event. Our family were given the second place for the most number of complete members of the family. The winner have 10 children plus two parents and they are complete.

I look forward for the nest year's family day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh no it's Johnny!

Finally we met. I wen to where Johnny's working yesterday to see him and return his comics. Well he's the same Johnny. It's funny though because he's from Manila and has to work in Makilala and Kidapawan and I'm the one from Kidapawan but have to work in Manila. Hehehe. It's really nice to see him again after months of not hearing from him. Hehehe.

Johnny gave me a shirt too. Thank you for the shirt.

I first met Johnny from the very first Komikero meeting that I attended. Incidently, it was also the groups first anniversary. I'm not the only firstimer there, Raipo was there as well.
Back to Johnny, he's a very funny and intelligent person. He cracks jokes out of thin air. It's so natural for him. He's straight forward and very himself. There's no one like Johnny or anyone who might have resembled him. One of the kind.

He seldom put things seriously, in the meetings that I encountered him, but when he's serious.... He's still funny.

Well, never have a dull moment when he's around. I wish you all the best man.

P.S. He's vegetarian...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Snake attack!!!

We saw a snake in our backyard the very day I went home from Manila. Me and two of my brothers captured it and put it inside the "plangana" and then covered it so that my dad will release it the next day. We had a hard time capturing it because we're afraid to be bitten by it. We use to rods w/ hooks and entangled the snake carefuly so that we won't hurt it. I'm glad we handled it well.

The snake is about a meter and a half in length and about 3 inches thick. It's a cobra and it didn't strike at anyone in particular at all. I think that it's much more afraid to us that us with it. It's a very nice experience and a very nice welcome for me.

Later that night I send an SMS to my friend and he told me thatI should try to play lotto because I might win and I told him the story and he gave me what numbers to pick.

I was also told by our neighbor that it brings luck. I hope so I may have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to come.

Airport blues atbp...

My flight going to Davao is 10 am so by about 7 am I headed to the airport. It took me a moment for me to travel from my place to the airport because, strange as it may seem, the traffic was light.

Upon arriving at the airport I was shocked at what I saw. The queue is so long and we even have to extend the line beyond the airport premises. Most of the people there were already complaining. many flights have been delayed. There's just so many people waiting in the line to enter the pre-boarding area. Never did I saw that crowd in the airport before, maybe because of the Christmas rush thing. There were as much foreigners as Filipinos there. Most of them going to Boracay, Camiguin and some places in Mindanao. Some of them complained but most of them take the issue lightly.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

There was one incident that two people argued because on of the lady make singit in the queue so she was sita by another lady whom she cut across because of inserting ahead of her. They were quarelling so loud and most of us are watching the scene forgetting our aching legs because of standing too long in the line. It became some sort of entertainment. It was cut short by airport people because all those who have 9 am flight have to go first and the other lady was on that flight. Luckily for the lady, who inserted the other behind her didn't complain. Even all of us knows that she's not originally on that line. After the complainant leave, the lady starts talking things that she's there all the time, that if she had no baggage she might have fist fight with the other lady and etc. So we just smiled pretending we didn't hear her.

the lady in red who inserted herself in the queue

When it's time of boarding of passengers, we hurriedly went to the airport bus to send us to the plane. One of the passenger of the same flight that I'm in was the 2nd runner of Close Up to Fame. What a flight.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Upon arriving the Davao airport I saw the lady who inserted herself in the line, she was on the same flight as I have. Hehehe luckily I'm not the one she cut short in the queue because I will probably do what the complainant did and so much worst.

Image hosted by

I was fetched by my parents, my tita and my sister. Then we went to Victoria Plaza and NCCC Mall to buy equiptments for our bar. Then we went home.

My Wall

I redecorate my wall because I got tired of looking at it with paint only. I just put my pictures, my drawings and my comic collections (mostly signed by artist and # one issues). There it goes, I hope you'll like it too.

Maybe next year I might redecorate it. I still have to think for a new design. Maybe about hobbies or about natures. Well, it's still too early to think for now.

For now, I'm quite satisfied with it. As I open the door, it's the first part of my room that you can see. It relaxes me a lot. So I'm happy with it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love Chocolates!!!

Last Oct. 15, 2005, I went to Robinson's Manila to meet my parents and I saw the Red Ribbon Choco Festival. I saw two fountains that pours chocolate instead of water. A lot of people were there and most of them, I'm sure, loves chocolates. Excluding my dad who didn't like it. I don't know why though, he just don't like it. Anyway, since I love chocolate I came a little bit closer cause I really want to see it so near. But people were not allowed to see it that near because it might get dirty and it's super hot daw. So I just took pictures instead. Sigh. I really want to taste it. So I ask my mom instead to buy me a choco moist cake and a choco bar. Hehehe.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Taft Station when it's Wednesday

The picture shown above is what you're going to expect at MRT Taft station during Wednesday at rush hours. People just come and go because during Wednesday people go to Baclaran church for novena. Most, if not all, of these people are devotees of the Virgin Mary. They, including me, are asking help for Mama Mary to grant our requests.

What I do to avoid the rush? I go to church early in the morning. Above picture shows how empty it is during early hours. It's our big secret, ok?

Aeon Flux

Image hosted by

The Story: In the 25th century, a rampaging virus has forced the remnants of humanity into the seclusion of a final city. There is great political conflict within, however, and this is the story of an acrobatic assassin, Aeon Flux (Theron), whose latest target is the government's top leader.

Me says: I'm going to watch this movie simply because I've been following the cartoon series in MTV. Yes, I'm going to compare which among the two versions is most appealing for me - action and story wise. It's going to be released on the big screen soon so I hope that I won't be disappointed.

Fish Balls, Chicken Balls, Squid Balls...

I've been eating a lot of streetfoods lately. Everytime I pass by Aurora St., or anywhere I can find Manong cooking those lovely and delicious chickenballs, I can't stop but pick those which are ready to eat using a stick. Then I dip it all in vinegar and then dip it again in their special sauce and alas I ate it all.


Indeed I find it delicious really, most of the time I could eat 16 pieces of chicken balls. I don't know really what's in it but I just love it. I also noticed that everytime I stay there and pick those mini balls, people would often come and pick some as well. Or if I saw a person picking, I just can't help it but pick some myself as well. Hehehe. It might seem odd but people love them.

There are occasions when I buy those in malls or supermarket and even fried it myself at home but the taste seems different. I just don't like eating it that way. But when I'm in the streets it just so delicious. Maybe the place where to eat it has something to do with it. The ambiance maybe hehehe.

Hmmm maybe later I might find Manong and try to eat as many chicken balls as I could. Ciao.

The Claw

I'm on my way home riding a jeepney when suddenly a hand (obviously from a man trying to have a free ride) appeard near the jeepney entrance with one finger having a nail which looks like an eagle's taloon. At first I was starled because it appeared out of nowhere and then I thought that since it's a rare circumstance that you could find something like that so I took a picture of it. Hehehe, the person who owns the claw didn't know that I took a picture of his hand. Well, I didn't saw his face anyway.

Food Feast @ Pan Pacific

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Aren't those delicious?! Yes, I ate a lot during a breakfast buffet. The reason why is that I got a little disappointed because the buffet is good for two persons and I'd been calling friends to share it with me. Unfortunately no one wanted to have breakfast with me that day. Either they're busy, they have work, or they don't reply at all. Thus, what I did is I ate a lot, as much food that would fit my stomach.

After eating I loved the feeling of being able to eat at your heart's content. I really loved each type of food that I put in my platter. I can only eat like this everytime my mom visits me here in Manila. This is also the way of telling me that she misses me, I think. Thank you mom. Hoping for another feast like this one.

Well, the next time I invite one of my friends to have breakfast with me, I hope there will be one who will be available because it would be much fun to have someone eating hearthily with me.