Saturday, December 31, 2005

Palengke Day in Kidapawan

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My parents and I went to the public market to buy food and stuff that we were not able to buy earlier for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Since it's market day some other vendors were displaying their stuff along the streets and they were a lot them and a lot of buyers too. The next pictures shows the different kind of tuyo or dried fish that can be found in our market place here in Kidapawan. Most of the tuyo shown in the pictures were not available in Manila. The ManileƱos won't even believe me when I told them the different varities of tuyo that we offered here in Kidapawan because they told me that those kind of fishes are to vailable to be made into dried fish - like Lapu-lapu. I told them that we do have them and it's expensive too. I told them that I would bring some in Manila after the holidays when I'll be back.

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Anyways, while touring the palenke I was able to find the finger-like carrots that I've been looking for too long back in Manila. So I bought a lot for salad. I love those kind of carrots because you don't need to slice them just prepare it nice and clean and put it in your salad and alas it's ready to be eaten. Hehehe I did ate a lot of salad during the Noche Buena.

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