Friday, December 23, 2005

MKWD Family Day

My brothers and sister, we're not in Quidditch world cup We attended the Metro Kidapawan Water District Family Day. We were early because my Mom had to prepare the gifts for her co-employees and mga inaanak. The event started w/ a mass and then speeches from VIP's and employees with high positions. My mom gave the opening remarks, followed by our city mayor and so on and so forth. Then different numbers given by different employees and their families followed. Then there were games like volleyball, trivia questions and some parlor games. Then giving of gifts and rice.

As you can see in the photo above, the event was held at the basketball court. See how colorful the huge umbrella's. I feel like we're in a world quidditch match. There were also vendors who gave their pop corns, cotton candy and ice cream for fee (the MKWD management already paid for it all). It's so much fun.

I played volleyball and I don't know how to play the game anymore. It's just too hard for me to control the ball. I'm much too strong for it. Even if I didn't exert effort in hitting the ball it still went outside the line. We lost. Hehehe but we had a very good time.

I'm glad that I attended the event. Our family were given the second place for the most number of complete members of the family. The winner have 10 children plus two parents and they are complete.

I look forward for the nest year's family day.

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