Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Farewell TI

Yes, I didn't finish my 5 month apprenticeship program with TI. After 3 months of staying with TI, in Baguio in particular, I find it hard to go on further because I felt that I do not belong in Baguio. This would be my last day with the company that I wanted to be part of if TI was situated in Manila. I would be more that willing to extend my stay or become a regular employee but not in Baguio. I have a lot friends in the workplace and in fact I became close with them as each day passed by but during night time when I left all alone by myself, I begun to long for the people I left in Manila.

I tried all my best to extend my patience so that I could stay long and eventually finish the program but everytime I had to bid goodbye to the people in Manila to go back to Baguio, I felt that my world starts to shatter before my very eyes. I had to do something, that's why I decided to end the program earlier.

I talked to our department head about my decision and he told me that I should give it a thought. Just for one more night and if my decision would still be the same then he will allow me to left TI. He also told me that I was the best among the group and I am the most agressive. In fact, I was able to have my certification to use the wirebonding machines at a very short span of time. He was not able to meet someone who could do the x-ray very fast and effectively. I always finished my reports ahead of the time and not afraid to raise my opinion. I might create and schedule my own seminars (ahead of the scheduled seminars) but it's ok because they know that I could work all by myself without any supervision. There were a lot of things that he told me but what's important, he said, is that I should follow what I think that's good for me.

I cam e back the next day abd told him my decision - I'll be leaving TI. Should time come that I would be needed and in proper timing, I might go back.

I informed my friends and they supported me. I'm glad that I've known them and for a very short span of time I was able to gain not only work experienced but friend that I can rely on.

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