Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Never do it in Public

Gosh how can I be so stupid... It was my first time to do it in public... I swear... We got caught... We ran and never looked back... But the problem is they might have taken a video of us doing it... I hope not...

Monday, September 20, 2004

Bantay atbp.

Intoducing Bantay


Novie & Bantay

Pao (Owner) & Bantay

Pendz & Bantay

Me, Bantay & Pao

Bantay on my head

Ortigas Branch

Left to Right: May, Jeff, Ymon & Jett

Proud na proud si May...

Pogi na ba daw si Jeff?

Si Ymon lagi handa sa picture...

Jette super serious... relax naman...

"Bond's ear interest, aren't day?," sabi ni Salem.

Oh Japs relax ka lang din... Tao lang 'yang kausap mo...

CCT Trainer

Hey Ian thanks for everything...

"Duh duh Duh... Enunciate more... Fifty not pifty..."

PBCom Branch

Left to Right: Frederick, Reg & Pao. Laging Handasa pic...

Left to Right: Reg, Pao & Novie. Hoy Novie baka makain mo fon ko...

Grabe si Reg kahit iriate na yang kausap nya, all smiles pa din...

Ako ay naka hold ng 38 minutes ng DSG... Smile pa din...

Si Hill antok na pro naka ngiti pa din...

I'm Sick

It has been 5 days since I got sick because of lack of sleep and up to now, (guess what? You guessed it right) I'm still sick. How sad. Ever since I hit the floor after the transition period my lifestyle changed. For the better, I'd rather not say. I am just sick, but not tired. I'm still enjoying my stay on the floor. It's just that my body can't take it anymore. I just need some time to relax. I hope I'm gonna be fine now.

I'm morphing

Gone are the days that I can't go out of the house if I think I don't look good enough. I can now be mistaken as a guy who never had a shower in his entire life. Look at me? This is not me. Well, what can I do, shit happens. Grrr...

Children's book illustrator?

My CCT trainer ask a copy of comic book I had collaborated with Oj and she told me that she gave it already to her friend who's looking for artists who can draw illustrations for children's books. I hope her friend will find my style good enough, if not perfect, for children's book.

No draw

Since I left my job, I don't have the chance to draw anymore. This is so sad. :(

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Komikero in UPLB

Happy Anniversary!!!











Mangiyak ngiyak na si Gerry sa sobrang pagod... Habang tuwang tuwa naman si Johnny... SI Jerald galit na kaya?..

Nawawala na ba kami?..

Sa wakas nakapahinga na rin...

Ano kaya iniisip ni Jac?.. Iniisip din kaya ni Rene ang iniisip ni Jac?.. Habang busy si Jonas at Gerry sa katitingin sa drawing ni Jerald...

Saya nila ano?.. Parang hindi nag hiking...