Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Make love to me

Let the tree sway back and forth
As the wind sings its lullaby
Carrying the tune that awakes the sleepy

Let the leaves collect the dew from the morning mist
As it falls down slowly to the ground like kisses of eternal promises
Washing away all the worries from the day before

Let the morning light embrace everything it touches
As they all welcome it like arms of a lost child
Clearing away all the inhibitions and fears

Let the roots burried itself into the ground
As the earth open it's arms to let them through
Burrying deep, deeper into it's core

Let them become one secretly before our eyes
As the night and darkness bear witness to their union
Owning each other like they are one

Let the river flow through where the roots pass
As it quenches the thirst of a longing soul
Exploding like fireworks illuminating the night skies to celebrate

Let the bliss firms the bond
As the seed becomes the hope for what tomorrow brings
Promising that they would never part, always one

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