Monday, July 11, 2005

Neil Gaiman in Manila (Mr. 496)

It took me and my friend Ruel more that 6 hours to have my book signed by Neil Gaiman but it's all worth it. I started joining the long queue about 3pm outside the Gateway mall and by 9:15pm I have my book signed. It's so tiring and most of us in the back thought that our books won't be signed because it was announced that he would only be signing books for 250 peoplw, but we still stayed and hoped and eventually all of us were able to have our book signed. Then later Rod told us that Neil would accomodate people until the mall closes. Then if you would look at the long line of fans waiting to have their books signed, it was impossible to accomodate all of us but we still stayed. Then one of the organizer informed us that the mall allowed us to stay untill all of us will be accomodated. Yehey! Everyone cheered, Then we were given number stubs and I'm Mr. 496. He's so nice and very accomodating despite of the fact that he's been signing and chatting with his fans for almost 6 hours.

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