Thursday, December 30, 2004

Too Early

Thought it is the 31st today
Changed the settings of my wrist watch
Must be so excited for the coming "New Year Celebration"
Must reserve my excitement for the actual date
Just have to express all these mix emotions
Later when the time arrives

Must admit that I am a bit disappointed
Would be spending the New Year's Eve receiving calls
In the station reserve just for me
Just hope that calls won't be pouring in
Like fireworks that welcomes
The birth of a New Year

Saturday, December 25, 2004

On A High

felt dizzy, world's turnin' upside down
been like this, not quite
drowned in the endless pit of your being
in one with your soul, oh help me

felt nothing, damn lovin' this
never letting go, craving
i'm lost, forever gone
what took me so long, i'm with you

felt heaven, i'm in hell
nothing to return to, no going back
i see you, light
what took you so long, we're one

*bros and cousins ko napuyat sa kalalaro...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Afterall

I thought I won't be spending Christmas home, well I was wrong. It just happen that my mom was able to provide me a round trip ticket. I was so ecstatic upon hearing the news. I am so excited to go home to celebrate the holidays with my family back in the province.

There's more! Earlier today my former teammate May, who was transferred to different team now, wanted to exchange her day offs next week with mine. Next week, my day offs fall on the 30th and 31st of December and I would be exchanging it with her ( 26th and 27th of December). Therefore, I would spending approximately 5 days at home during the Holidays. This is good news, right? And I couldn't possibly ask for more.

Advanced merry Christmas to all!!!

*Pic taken at the Pan Pacific Hotel lobby...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Almost Over You

by Sheena Easton

I saw an old friend of our's today
She asked about you, i didn't quite know what to say
heard youv'e been making the rounds 'round here
while I've been trying to make tears disapear

Now Im almost over you
I've almost shook these blues
so when you come back around
after painting the town
you'll see im almost over you...

you're such a sly one with a cold cold heart
maybe leavin came easy, but it tore me apart
time heals all wounds they say and I should know
coz it seems like forever,
but im letting you go


I can forgive you and soon I'll forget all my shattered dreams
although you left me with nothing to show
but all misery

( chorus )

when you come back around, after painting the town,
you'll see im almost over you...

Christmas Party!!!

I was not able to attend the Christmas Party because I have work. Na miss ko na naman ang isa sa mga important activity ng grupo. Ganito na lang lagi, lagi na lang ako. Sa meeting ako, sa Oktober fest ako, pati sa Party ako. Ako, ako, ako...

Saturday, December 18, 2004


I reach for the highest star to be with you
Yet you're not there
Even dive the deepest pit to save you
Yet you don 't care

The past won't let us be and it's hurting me
You can't let go
Even if no future for you and the past
You still hold on

Now the past is back and yet not free
You're embracing it and ignoring me
Leaving no future for the two of us
Until when I can hold on

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Christmas season is in the air, so they say. Everyone's busy buying gifts, designing their houses with all sorts of Christmas decorations and busy preparing on what food to put on their table. How come I can't feel it? How come the day becomes closer the lonelier I get. How come I am not the feeling the Chrismas spirit?

One great factor that makes me no longer looking forward to Christmas day this season is the fact that I can't be with my family during the said day. That day would be the 1st day that I can't be with them. I can't help to think what's the reason why I am letting this to happen. I just can't believe that I am letting this to happen. I've been feeling low for quite some time now. I don't want to discuss the said day anymore.

When everyone else's celebrating Christmas, those of us who are working in call centers would be taking calls. Patiently assisting customers who have been having trouble with their internet connections or the like. We will be giving them our services in exchange of the salary that we would be getting from assisting them. As much as I'd like to think otherwise, I feel sorry for all of us. Leaving our family behind on this "Special Day" serving customers that we don't know miles and miles away. Yes, even if most of the times they are ungrateful. This is the scenario. This is the reason why I feel so lonely - isolated.

When our team leader gave us our schedule for the week that Christmas day falls, it was already too late for me to by my two-way ticket home because all the trips have been filled up. My day offs would be on the 23rd and 24th of December and that days would be enough for me to celebrate Christmas with my family. The sad thing is that it was all too late. Should I had known the schedule earlier, I would be able to buy tickets - to be with my family on Christ's birthday. It was too late.

Christmas is on the air. I wish I could feel it. I wish I could just breath it even for a day. As much as I'd like to keep these teardrops from falling I just can't. So I let them flow from my eyes until it drops to the earth and be forever lost.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Me nagtxt... nagreply ako... d ata nagus2han reply ko... d na nagtxt... nagmiss call ng 3 beses... ala pa din... cguro galit na... is it over... sana hindi... naiiyak na ako... ang lungkot ko na... pumunta ako ng toilet baka kase makita nila pumatak mga luha ko... mayamay nagreply na... nagre-request ng tawag ko... tumawag ako... naka silent lang pla phone nya kaya d nya narinig... masaya na naman ako... matutuwa... praning lang pla ako...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Komikero at last...

Last Sunday (11/28/04) I was able to attend the Komikero meeting after how many months of absence. It's really nice to see and exchange infos with the members of the club. It's even nicer to know that we have four new members who joined the club. I'm glad that Gerry is so busy with his projects. I finally saw the artworks of Jonas for the Siglo project. It's confirmed that Johnny is going to Mindanao for the job assignment in Makilala. Jac is joining ABS-CBN. Rod is not ok with his current job. Raipo finally released his Indie ('97). Gerald calling Jac achi? Geoff is considering call center for a job. Sigh. Hehehe ang saya.

After the meeting Rod and I went to Yellow Cab to eat pizza and then I went home to take a nap.

Green Hills with Gil

Yesterday, I accompanied Gil to Green Hills because he wanted to buy stuff for his room. We were having hard time looking for the stall that sells the lampshade that he's been itching for to buy. After a few minutes we finally saw it. It cost about P650 but he manage to get a bargain and bought it for P500 only. It's simple, nice to look at yet elegant. Nice taste Gil.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Is it a break? Or they're trying to break us?

Last Thursday and Friday were my day offs from the 9:30 pm to 6:30 am shift. I tried hard to enjoy those days for that's the only time that I got to have enough sleep. I don't even care if I had no time for gimik as long as I am able to have enough rest.

Saturday morning my team leader texted me and informed me that my schedule for the coming week changed from 9:15 pm-6:30am to 2:30am-11:30am and my day offs were changed from Tuesday/Wednesday to Sunday/Saturday. I just woke up when I received that sms and I got pissed of (even up to now). Imagine I had to end my Saturday shift at 6:30 Sunday morning and go back to work 2:30 am on Monday. It's as if I had no day off at all. I am not happy with it. Not at all.

I woke up about 11:00 pm Saturday and I don't feel like going to office but I had to force myself because I don't really like being absent for absolutely no good reason at all. By 12:00 midnight I went out from the house and it's raining. I waited for about half an hour before I was able to take a ride. Then after 30 mins I had to ride a bus to take me to Ayala and take a jeepney to take me to PBCom. it's really hard to commute from my boarding house to the office and my schedule made a lot more difficult. This is insane. I am totaly pissed off.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Slow... Slower... Never mind...

It's been 3 days now since I am only receiving few calls for my whole shift. Remember that I was put offline for a day and a half. This might be one of the ways that they have been planning, that instead of putting agents offline, they just mark those agents so that they will only receive calls when there are a lot of customers on queue. Well, if that is the case, I am actually enjoying this. Less calls means less stress. I hope this would be the case the whole year through.

Some agents whose not part of the situation envied us because they don't have time to relax from receiving calls. I really don't know the whole situation yet so I really can't comment on this case. I still have to wait and see.

Que sera sera...

Monday, November 15, 2004

The Incredibles

I saw The Incredibles last Nov. 07, 2004 with a friend, Andy, during my day off and I really enjoyed the movie. I don't have to think and analyze the flick. All I had to do is watch and relax. It really helps me relieving my system from stress that I gathered the whole week thru from work. I wanted to watch it over and over again, unfortunately, we came in during the last show. I should have watch it earlier. I should've known. Hehehe.

Watch it!!! I even recommend the film to all my customers. Hehehe.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bondless Day

It's official wala na kami bond na babayaran if we decide to leave the company. Three or four of our batchmate already left and already joined different companies. I don't know with the rest of us if we decide to stick or not. Hehehe.

Friday, November 12, 2004


I was put offline for 2 days because 2 of my callers gave me a very low grades in the surveys conducted by the company I was working with. At first, it's kinda frustration but when you get the hang of it, you'll realized that it's ok and there's nothing else you can do about it. Sometimes it's unfair coz those customers call a lot and they forgot whom they talked with when the surveys arrived. Sigh. It happens but the good thing about it is that you got to do things that you usually can't do when you are online - like programming, updating websites and writing emails for friends. Actually, I did enjoy being offline. Sabi ko nga 2 days lang? When I received my team leader's text kanina. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Series of Events...

There are a lot of things that happen to me for the last couple of weeks that I was not able to write here because of some reasons that can't be avoided. Here are some of them (not in chronological order though):

1. Christian' bday: Mama Novie's son

*Novie celebrated her son's bday at Buddy's.
2. Met Gerry at the Mega Mall

*Gerry showing off Lienil's art for Batman/Danger Girl crossover.
3. Saw Jasmine Trias at the Mega Mall

*This is a promo for Bench products. It just happen that I was there so I stayed to hear her sing
4. Pao's bday celebration

*We went to Las PiƱas to celebrate her bday.
5. Freeky Frederick
*Rica scared s#!+ out of me.
6. ACE Training

*Karen, Me, Pendz and Rica at the ACE training.
7. Got 2 commendations in less than 2 weeks
*I was commended by a job well done by 2 of my callers.
8. Finally bought comics after 3 mos
*Nakabili na rin sa wakas.
9. Breakfast @ McDo Day

10. Food trip for 3 weeks straight
*163 lbs na tuloy timbang ako.
11. Whistlestop fun/scandal/daymare

*Dami nangyari this day.
12. Videoke day out

*We decided to meet that day and nagvideoke at nagsine.
14. House of flying daggers day
*Nanood kami ni Andy sa Robinson's Galleria.
15. Power of One
*I receives a Power of One card from TL Leroy.
16. Ayala Tripping

*Picture2x after breakfast sa McDo. Rica, Salem, Novie, Benj, Reg, May, and Pendz. 1, 2, 3... Talon!!!
17. Mom and Dad in the city

*They visited me here. How sweet!!!
18. TelenobelaDay
*Hehehe. Wattaday. Scandal to the 3rd power.
19. Santo Santito

*Hehehe. Pang poster na ba sa sine? Andy is that choo?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Naunsa na man intawon ning kinabuhi nko uy

It's been 3 months since i started working in a call center and I thought that my life would be much easier this time. However, I become so busy with my work. I'm working like there will be no tomorrow. There is no day that I got home not feeling tired. I felt exhausted and all that I can think of to do next is to sleep. Three months of pure work and no play, what kind of life is that. Don't get me wrong, I like my job but it's just that I need rest too.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Never do it in Public

Gosh how can I be so stupid... It was my first time to do it in public... I swear... We got caught... We ran and never looked back... But the problem is they might have taken a video of us doing it... I hope not...

Monday, September 20, 2004

Bantay atbp.

Intoducing Bantay


Novie & Bantay

Pao (Owner) & Bantay

Pendz & Bantay

Me, Bantay & Pao

Bantay on my head

Ortigas Branch

Left to Right: May, Jeff, Ymon & Jett

Proud na proud si May...

Pogi na ba daw si Jeff?

Si Ymon lagi handa sa picture...

Jette super serious... relax naman...

"Bond's ear interest, aren't day?," sabi ni Salem.

Oh Japs relax ka lang din... Tao lang 'yang kausap mo...

CCT Trainer

Hey Ian thanks for everything...

"Duh duh Duh... Enunciate more... Fifty not pifty..."

PBCom Branch

Left to Right: Frederick, Reg & Pao. Laging Handasa pic...

Left to Right: Reg, Pao & Novie. Hoy Novie baka makain mo fon ko...

Grabe si Reg kahit iriate na yang kausap nya, all smiles pa din...

Ako ay naka hold ng 38 minutes ng DSG... Smile pa din...

Si Hill antok na pro naka ngiti pa din...

I'm Sick

It has been 5 days since I got sick because of lack of sleep and up to now, (guess what? You guessed it right) I'm still sick. How sad. Ever since I hit the floor after the transition period my lifestyle changed. For the better, I'd rather not say. I am just sick, but not tired. I'm still enjoying my stay on the floor. It's just that my body can't take it anymore. I just need some time to relax. I hope I'm gonna be fine now.

I'm morphing

Gone are the days that I can't go out of the house if I think I don't look good enough. I can now be mistaken as a guy who never had a shower in his entire life. Look at me? This is not me. Well, what can I do, shit happens. Grrr...

Children's book illustrator?

My CCT trainer ask a copy of comic book I had collaborated with Oj and she told me that she gave it already to her friend who's looking for artists who can draw illustrations for children's books. I hope her friend will find my style good enough, if not perfect, for children's book.

No draw

Since I left my job, I don't have the chance to draw anymore. This is so sad. :(

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Komikero in UPLB

Happy Anniversary!!!











Mangiyak ngiyak na si Gerry sa sobrang pagod... Habang tuwang tuwa naman si Johnny... SI Jerald galit na kaya?..

Nawawala na ba kami?..

Sa wakas nakapahinga na rin...

Ano kaya iniisip ni Jac?.. Iniisip din kaya ni Rene ang iniisip ni Jac?.. Habang busy si Jonas at Gerry sa katitingin sa drawing ni Jerald...

Saya nila ano?.. Parang hindi nag hiking...