Friday, October 05, 2007

Operation Trim Down (1st Month Result)

Below is the result I got from that measuring instrument you find at Mercury Drug:

Weight: 188 lb 5 oz
Height: 5 ft 9.7 in / 177cm
Blood Pressure:
Max Systolic 117 mmHg
Max Diastolic 77 mmHg
Pulse/minute 96
Body Fat Estimation:
Fat Index 22.1%
Fat Mass 41 lb 6 oz / 18.8 kg
Free F. Mass 146lb 14 oz / 66.7 kg
Age and Gender: 27 male

Here is the link to the measurements I got before I headed the gym. Click me.

After one month, it seems that there's no significant change in me. Sigh. I enjoyed it though. I will show a picture of me before and after the "Operation Trim Down" soon so that you could decide if there is some change or not at all.

I would like to go on a diet. Do you have any suggestions?

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