Sunday, October 28, 2007

Constant Traveling

I can say that somehow am very fortunate to be able to travel a lot of places here in my own country. I came from Kidapawan and was able to work all the way up to Baguio City. Though we don’t have enough (financially) I am privilege to be able to travel to different locations in the Philippines because I was a school varsity. When ever there are games and inter-school sports competition the school sends me to wherever the event is because I am an athlete and I bring honor to the school every time we won in a competition. I graduated in Davao, took my ECE licensure exam in Cebu, and took my oath as an engineer in Manila. I was able to visit the pineapple plantation in Polomoloc, travel the beaches of Bohol and spend months as an apprentice in Baguio. No matter how many places I already visited there are still more place that I have to visit, more places to explore and more treasure to find.

Traveling here and abroad can be a very good experience but can also turn out to be your worst nightmare if you are not ready. When I was about 6 years old, it was my first trip to Mt. Apo and I was so excited. I didn’t plan that much because my dad took care of (almost) everything. Everything went smoothly until the day we must go back from the trip. My dad didn’t expect it to rain that hard and it’s already getting dark. It is impossible to cross the river because the rocks that we are supposed to use as a bridge are already under the water. Then we decided to stay at the riverbanks because it is much difficult to go climb back to the nearest camp site. The area that we are in is so small that we all decided to stay really close to each other and hugged each other and place the tent all over our head. It was a very cold night but it was ok because that moment I felt how much my mom and dad love and care for me. They hugged me and place me in the middle so I’ll get most of the heat even though part of their bodies are still soaking wet. Then at first light we continued our journey back home. It was both a very hard experience for me but also one of the best memories that I shared with my parents.

When we travel, especially to a place that we are not familiar it really pays to have a travel guide. Just to make sure that you have someone who knows the place well. Travel guides help you lessen your worries and just focus on enjoying your trip. The reason, in the first place, why you travel is to enjoy and relax and if you are lost in an unfamiliar place then how can you enjoy your vacation right? Aside from a travel guide you must also have enough and extra money in case a need arises, after all, you are not really sure what going to expect when you are there. You must also inform someone about your trip and how to contact you, again if something wrong happens different from your plans. Bring medicines and extra clothing and also try to search information about the place to visit just to be sure. Traveling really is one thing that I love to do and I’m sure most if you too.

If given the chance (and more resources at hand), I’d love to explore more places here in my country and of course places abroad that I’d love to go to and share my experience. Traveling can be fun, exciting but most important educating. By traveling you’ll be able to learn and understand why people do what they do and be able to understand cultural differences. Someday, I’ll know I’ll add another place on my list of places that I’ve been and I’ll share it with you guys here in my blog.

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