Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Calling Home From Abroad

Aunt Even is currently in the US now and she spends a lot in calling us here in the Philippines. Being alone in the land of milk and honey, she gets lonely at times so she calls us here to somehow ease the loneliness she’s feeling. On one occasion when she called me we discuss how much she spends in a single call and I was shocked on how much it actually costs and she’s having a hard time looking for a phone card that fits her budget.. I told my aunt that I am going to search the internet to help her find a much cheap phone card to call us here from the US.

While surfing the internet, I came across
Pingo. For those who haven’t heard about Pingo, it is a global brand of virtual calling cards at a very low and affordable cost. If you visit their site ( and sign up you will receive $5 worth of free calls. Pingo assures you that there will be no hidden fees. They also offer special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo. Isn’t it great? I think this is really a big help for our relatives who are calling us here from abroad.

There’s more! Aside from what I mentioned earlier, Pingo offers Business and Family plan, Rate Watcher, Pingo Mobiles (which helps you save as much as to 90% on your international phone calls), calling card affiliate program, and Pingo’s network is said to be reliable which delivers over 1.1 billion international cards in just one month. If that’s how many cards they deliver, it simply means that many people trust Pingo and they are enjoying the benefits they get from both of their international calling cards and prepaid calling cards.

I am definitely telling my aunt regarding this discovery I make. By using Pingo she will be able to call us more often because it will definitely be in her budget. The more she’s going to save, the more calls she’s going to make. She won’t be that much lonely out there and we won’t miss a single adventure she made in her stay in the US.

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