Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Next Destination: Amsterdam

If given the chance I would like to visit Amsterdam. I am quite intrigue what’s the city is like. I always here artists love to perform in Amsterdam so I’d like to see for myself the reason why people go there.

I looked up the internet some information about the largest city in the Netherlands.
Amsterdam is known for its canal system. I’d like to ride a boat and roam all over the city through its canal. I can imagine myself in a boat ride in these canals with my love one while listening to a sweet melody. How romantic.

I learned that Amsterdam is the central business district of the Netherlands so this is a very rich city. Not to mention that the city’s stock exchange is part of the world’s oldest stock exchange – the Euronext. I think I am going to enjoy the city if I am going to visit it. It has a very rich culture. And if you are into music, poetry, and plays this city is a must visit for you. Imagine in this city you’ll find the famous work of Rembrandt displayed at the Rijksmuseum. You could also found a museaun there that is dedicated for Van Gogh’s work (Van Gogh stayed at Amsterdam for a while) and in fact it houses the biggest collections of his work. Perhaps, the place that I would really love to visit there is the famous Anne Frank House which you could see stuff dedicated for her and her story. I’d really like to visit Amsterdam someday.

A place to stay or
Amsterdam accomodation is not hard to look for too. In fact, from my research, cheap hotels are just a click of your mouse away. There are lots of discount hotels that gives you the best hotel deals. Well, we can say that if hotels in Amsterdam is out of the budget then a place to stay and much cheaper is not a problem for Amsterdam lodging is abundant in the city. Thanks to the internet.

It’s also not hard to roam arround the city because it is a bicycle-friendly place and you could even rent one. The government also discourages the use of vehicles so it is really safe to use bikes and you won’t fear of accidents that much caused by cars or the like. So without worrying too much about it you could enjoy better your visit to the place. Trip to
Amsterdam would also be a great bonding idea for the entire family.

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