Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dream Tour

If given the chance I’d like to travel around the world and European trip would be the highlight of that dream tour. There is something about Europe that excites me – its culture, tradition and history. Places like London, Dublin, Rome, Barcelona, Prague and some other places in Europe that seems so old and full of mystery. Ancient Europe really intrigues me. When you are there you can day dream all day of being a prince or a chevalier on a mission and you’ll search the whole of Europe just to rescue your princess in distress. Isn’t that exciting?

My aunt Even before moving to the US is fortunate enough to tour some parts of Europe. She said she did have a lot of fun and most people she meet (whether tourists or locals) are really nice to her.
Accommodation was not an issue for they are plenty and so easy to book especially online. She even met another Filipina who now live in Poland and stayed there for a couple of days. It is true that most of Europe is able to preserve their architectures, cultures and traditions but it is now very modern. People there love to party, shop and stroll. Whatever you might need could be found there easily. You name it they got it. She told me that her European tour was a “dream come” true.

Lucky for her she was able to fulfill one of her dreams, as for me I have to be patient. Who knows this dream of mine might come true too.

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