Monday, October 22, 2007

Hide And Seek

One of my major problem (actually all of us housemates) with renting and living in a boarding house is not having our very own mailboxes. Imagine I have to ask everyone every time if there’s a mail for me and sometimes I got tired of asking and assume that there’ll be no letter for me when actually there’s one. You follow me? It is really hard for all of us not to have our very own residential mailboxes.

There was one time when I am applying for a certain job and they told me that they’ll let me know if I am able to get the job or not through letter or a phone call. Weeks went by and I still haven’t heard anything from them yet so I assume that they’re not interested to hire me. Only to find out after two months that I actually got a letter from that company and apparently my new board mate didn’t know what my real name was and assume that no one in our boarding house with that name lives there. Isn’t that frustrating?

There was also an incident with one of my housemate, he was expecting to receive a letter from one of his clients and weeks also went by and no letter came from his client. Then after a month or so he saw the letter in the rubbish bin outside the boarding house. No one in the house bothered to check the letter if who it was addressed to.

These incidents lead all of us staying in the boarding house to look for commercial mailboxes that we could purchase to resolve our current issue. This is a serious problem for us and we must address it accordingly the soonest. Actually even in the internet you could find high quality mailboxes that fit you. Some even offers affiliate programs which pays you $20.00 just by signing up so how come mailboxes are everywhere except in our boarding house?

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