Monday, October 15, 2007

Program Test

Finally the data entry program that I created in oracle will be put to test by the users and the quality assurance division. It's been quite a while already before I finally finished the program. It took me a while because I need to verify and validate a lot of things first before a certain data in a certain field is allowed to be entered. I am very excited and very nervous because this is my baby in the company that I am currently part of.

One thing more is that it took me a lot before I am able to get this opportunity because there were a lot of programmers who would want to be in my position now. Luckily for me, they were rejected by the company so I got the liberty in having my current position as a Wed Developer and Programmer.

You see, I have been working for about more than 3 years now since I graduated college and this position has been the most challenging by far. In fact, there is almost no one I could turn to in case I don't know certain commands or issues in the program. I don't even have an internet connection in the office wherein I could use in my research. If not for my two officemates of different positions, I wouldn't be able to finish my program. So thank to you two (you know who you are).

I am currently enjoying the challenges that my work is offering me and there are times that I thought i couldn't make it but because of God's guidance and enlightenment I am able to go on. Without God, I wouldn't have make it. Even though, that my program is on the test stage and not yet approved for production, I am already happy and content with it. Should there be any problems with my program, I am sure I will be anle to fix it. I am hoping that it will pass the test and be approved for production.

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