Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Presentation Went Very Well

Yesterday, I had a technical presentation from the 3 different departments here in BIR. I did a technical briefing and testing of the program. Before I started my boss gave the introduction and small information on what the system is all about. There are three parts of my presentation: the introduction; the technical briefing and testing of program; and the last part is the question and answer portion. If I may assess, overall the presentation went very well. There were a lot of questions and clarifications but most of the issues they raised are not part of my presentation and I no longer have the burden in solving some of those issues. Some are internal issues of their respective departments so I am not part of it already and since they asked for my opinion on some of those issues, I shared my thoughts.

After the presentation, I instructed them to try and check the program themselves using the generic username and password so that they will have the “feel” of how to use the system. If they see any errors or if they have suggestions then they could always tell me so that I could make some changes of the program.

I am very much happy of the result of my presentation because I am very excited to do it. To be able to discuss to them what I’ve created makes me forget all the hardships and all what I’ve been through just to be able to learn the programming language and finish the program.

Thank you God for helping me and giving me strength when I am about to give up and thanks for the people you send to help me with my job. I owe it all to You.

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