Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trip Down Under

The last time my mom went to Australia, I should have accompanied her but my work, that time, makes it impossible for me to join her on her trip to Australia. After she came back from her trip to Australia she gave me a lot of information about the country and her experiences during her stay there.

I’ve heard a lot about
Australia. Aside from the fact that Australia is the smallest continent, you could find the “The Great Barrier Reef” – the world’s largest coral reef! You could also find the world’s largest monolith in Australia, Mount Augustus. I am also envious of my mom’s photos from her trip to the Land Down Under. She had photos of kangaroos and koalas. She sure had the best time during her stay there.

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There are 3 cities that she mentioned worth visiting. Namely
Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Sydney, as my mom told me, has so many people. It is in fact the most populous city in Australia. So you could expect that it is fun to stroll around the city. She also had a photo of her with the famous Sydney Opera House on the background. You cold also find here the oldest university in Australia, the University of Sydney. It is also not hard to find the best place to stay in Sydney. In fact aside from Sydney hotels, there are ranges of different types of place to stay like apartments, condos, and the like. You could even book yourself online. Knowing that we Filipinos like extras, freebies, and free meals, booking online gives you more of these and their prices (accommodation) are even much lower as you book yourself on a hotel directly.

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Melbourne, on the other hand, is Australia’s cultural and sporting capital. If you like flowers then Melbourne is the place for you. You could find a lot of parks and gardens in this part of Australia. You could also find here Australia’s largest university – Monash University. Where to stay in Melbourne is not hard to find and in fact if you are in a budget, booking online gives you a wide range of choices, from apartments to 5 star Melbourne hotels. And it is not hard to travel around the city because of its wide network of buses, trams, taxis and trains.

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Last city not to forget to visit in Australia is
Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia! This city is for people who love arts and music. In fact, it is one of the best music hotspots in the world. Brisbane hotels are not really hard to look for. You could find the cheapest price of accommodation online. You could also find in Melbourne the famous “The Windmill” which is the oldest building in Queensland. This building is originally intended for grinding grains and punishment for convicts that operated the windmill manually.

If you are planning to go to Australia, try to visit these cities and I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life while exploring these areas like my mom did during her visit.

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