Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everything Online Even Tutoring

When I was little and it is exam week, my parents try to help me with studying so I could understand my lessons well and get good grades. However, as I grow old, my parents have to work triple times in order to cope up with our financial needs. Consequently, after work, they get too tired already and won’t be able to assist me with reviewing my lessons. I had to do the studying myself to get good grades. I understand my parents so I had to study triple times too to make my parents proud of me when I get high grades.

In my time, there is no available computer yet. My parents can’t afford to buy one. We were very poor when I was little. That’s why I try harder even more with my studies. I graduated college without my own computer and I had to go to my classmates’ houses just to use their computers. In fact, almost all my classmates’ parents know me because of that.

Nowadays, students, young and young at heart alike, are very lucky as computers are much cheaper and you could almost see internet cafĂ©’s in every corner. You could easily research more about your lessons over the internet. You could even study in advance in the internet as it offers a wide range of information readily for you. Information is just a click away.

There is a website that offers
online tutoring and that is called TutorVista.com. Had I known or if it’s available during my time, I would have subscribed to this. Why? Simply because the tutors that will assist you undergone a rigorous training to be a certified TutorVista tutor and these tutors are available 24X7! And you could get unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.9 a month. Great news!

TutorVista, the leading online tutorial in the world offers a wide range of subjects to choose from. Imagine learning in advance or studying your lessons is jus a click away whenever you need it. I can still recall when I was in sixth grade, I had a trouble coping up with my algebra class. If TutorVista is available to help me with algebra I would have better grades. Luckily when I’m in high school I get better grades in math, I am actually good with math now as compared to my elementary days. You could even get homework help with TutorVista. I believe that TutorVista really is a big help to all students either to become a better student or those who want to have a supplementary education to be the best student in his/her class.

Here in the Philippines, Call Center industry is booming. If you want to be the best there is and land a job immediately, you must learn
English well. Well, you could learn English with TutorVista.

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