Monday, October 15, 2007

Facts of Life

Life might be so sad for some sometimes.
But sadness makes us know who we really are.
Life might be hard for some sometines.
But hardness makes us strong when we overcome it.
Life might be fearsome for some sometimes.
But fear makes us courageous after we're able to face it.
Life might be very confusing for some sometimes.
But confusion will help us see the light much clearly.
Life is not only about you and me.
But it is all about all of us and everything.
Life is truly a blessing from God.
But we must do our own little part of it.
Life is beautiful.
But we must experience ugliness to see the beauty in it.

P.S. This poem is actually part of an entry in my
other (older) blog. I just would like to share it this one to you here.

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