Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Light My World

Aside from being an engineer, a programmer and an indie comic artist, I also work in 2D animation and some of the projects that I am part of are “I Got A Rocket,” “Land Before Time,” and “Fantastic Four.” One thing that is most important for us artists is light. Yes, the light. Without it, it would be hard, if not impossible, for us to draw. There are two basic lights that we use that without it we’re in big trouble. The first is the light under the table or the table lamp or what is commonly known is the light box. The second is the overhead lamp, the kid of lamps that you use when you are studying or lamps that you use on your bed side table or much commonly known as desk lamps. These two types or lighting or lamps are very important to us artists.

There are times that you have a lot of pages of drawings to create and you must go home to bath or eat, or whatever important reason why you must go home, you bring your drawings at home. Below this paragraph is a photo of mine, showing how I draw at home. Yes, I am having a very difficult time finishing all the drawings and not to mention that I must produced the best quality of drawing or else my drawing will all be rejected. Consequently, all my effort will end just for naught. The area where I draw is a big issue, though it would be great if I can have a drawing table of my own. But my problem is with the
lighting. You see I am using two colors of light - the orange and the white colored lights. It sores my eyes and stressed my eyes so much that I am usually having migraines in between and after work. The result is that I won’t be able to work the next day.

There are actually a lot of lamps or lighting available on the store but it’s hard for me to look for the best quality at an affordable price that fits a small time artist like me. So I log online and search the web for advice on what light works best for me. I came across page on the net offers a wide range of type of lamps and lightings of almost all brands at a very affordable prices. You could simply pick and choose what you want. If that’s not enough there was a search bar there where you could type what kind of lamps you are looking for. Yes, very convenient indeed. It helps me a lot in finding the suitable lighting for me. The next time I might need a lamp or lighting like lamp shades perhaps, I will just visit for advice and inspiration on what to choose.

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