Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glorietta Tragedy

Last Friday I was e-mailed by Andy (a classmate in college and friend) who works in Makati Center and I was told about a blast in Glorietta. The first thing that pops my head is “Not Again.” Yes, because earlier this year or late last year, I can’t recall the exact date, however, I was inside Glorietta going to Park Square to go to Jac Ting Lim’s office to bring my Emma Frost comics that she decided to buy from me, when I’ve noticed there was smoke everywhere and it’s really hard to breath. Then we were told that something happened to one of the kitchens of some restaurant and we must evacuate the site immediately to the nearest exit. Then when I am near the exit, a lot of people outside are trying to check what happened inside because apparently they are wondering why we were rushing out away from the mall and how come they weren’t allowed to enter. Luckily for me that incident wasn’t as big as what happened last Friday. Luckily for me, I was in the office busy debugging my program for errors. Luckily for me, me and my family were safe. I can say I was lucky because I am a mall rat and usually Glorietta is one mall I can’t resist not to go to. Life would never be the same for those people and their family who, unlucky and unfortunate, were killed and injured during the blasts. I am so shocked upon hearing the news that I stared at my computer for quite a while. It could have been me. It could have been one of my family members. It could have been any one of use safe who loves to stroll about the mall.

The reason for the blast could have been the leaked LPG as what they are saying. We must check and re-check everything; especially those which we think are dangerous -safety first. It is really unfortunate that lives must be lost in such a horrible way. Imagine you go to the mall by yourself or with your friends and love ones to get together and have an enjoyable moment that you want to remember for the rest of your life and in an instant it will all end up as your worst nightmare. Life really can be lost in an instant.

Most of us are angered by these tragedies yet when a certain strict rule or law is being passed on us we get irritated because somehow it delays us like inspection of belongings and stuff. I think that it is best to undergo the inspections to be sure that to be sorry later on.

I hope that all families you have been victims to the tragedy will be ok even if nothing will be the same again. I ask God and pray that they will be guided and will be given strength to be able to accept things that they can no longer change. I pray for all our safety. I plea to those people out there to pray with me and give more time to their family because we never know what a second will bring to us all.

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