Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Away From Home in Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner and I am not yet sure if I am able to go home during the holidays. Not to mention the other upcoming events like Halloween and other celebrations. You see I am now assigned in BIR and they have work in between Christmas and New Year Celebration. I really want to go home but my schedule does not permit me. I do have the same situation when I used to work at the call center before. But I went home to the province (Kidapawan) a day before Christmas Day and went back here in Manila two days after the Christmas Day celebration. As much as I’d like to stay longer, I can’t. There’s work waiting for me in Manila. I miss a lot of birthdays and celebrations. That’s the price I always pay for working away from my family to give them a better future in return. How I wish I could go home during the holidays.

Unlike the Call Center, I could go home if I want to but the problem is I don’t have leaves. If I decide to go back, BIR won’t pay for the days that I am going to spend in Kidapawan. Yes, I am not a regular employee in BIR so I don’t have the same privilege and benefits like the regular employees are enjoying. This means that no work, no pay. Sigh.

I am now thinking if I should go home or just buy my parents, brothers, and sister
gifts. I would be able to save more if I would just buy them gifts. I know it would be much better that I am there during these celebrations but if I can’t help it, giving them gifts would somehow suffice for my absence.

What do you think the best gifts I could give my family this year? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll buy my mom
shoes for she likes shoes (I can check ShoeMall for the type of shoes my mom would like to have) or perhaps I’ll check Fashion Bug for they always have the latest on fashion. My dad, on the other hand, likes car accessories and basic needs of a man on the go. Perhaps I could check Buy.com for some ideas. As for my brothers, Myking and Epoy love computers while Spike loves mobile games. Since there’s only one PC in the provice I could check HP and Fujitsu and try to decide which of the two brands that might fit my budget. Aside from the mobile games that Spike loves, I could buy him costume instead for the Halloween. As for my sister Labing, she loves music and mobile phone accessories. I could buy her favorite CD. That would be the best gift for her or I could always check eBags for ideas. If that’s not enough then I could always visit couponchief.com for more and great ideas, for they are a one stop coupon deal and discount store for those who loves to shop over the web. Coupon Chief, Inc has a lot of discounts and promotional deals in store for us. Well, I hope I still have time to save money in order for me to buy them gifts.

How about you guys? What do you think is the best give you could give your love ones this upcoming seasons?

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