Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family Members Under One Light

I can still remember during my elementary days that we always experience brown outs. I think during that time in Kidapawan we have a short supply of electricity. There are times when I got home and we don’t have electricity or there are times the electricity suddenly cuts out while we were eating or when I am about to study my lessons for the exams the next day the lights suddenly turns off because there were no electricity supply. Then me and my brothers and sister would play hide and seek and try to scare each other out of our wits. My most favorite moment perhaps is when we are about to watch TV and it’s raining and suddenly there’s a brown out. It’s my favorite because every member of the family were there and we end up talking and telling stories together illuminated by a candle until we were tired or the candle burned out and will decide to go back to sleep. Those times were the some of the best times of my life.

Now that electricity seems to be abundant in Kidapawan, we tend to see each other less. My parents would spend most of the nights taking care of our resto-bar, my brother Myking and his wife Rachel take care of the 24-hr convenient store. I am here working in Manila, miles away from them. My sister Labing is in Davao attending college. Only my little brothers (Epoy and Spike) get to spend much time with each other. They are very close with each other. As much as I’d like to thank electricity for man’s advancement (we are now not short of
light during the night), I couldn’t help myself of reminiscing the good old days when we were spending the night together with just a candle light.

Imagine, before if we have no electricity I only used a candle to study. Now since electricity seems to be abundant we were no longer use candles for
lighting. There are different kinds of lamps available almost everywhere. You could get lamp shades, reading lamps, desk lamps, etc. You could even easily find affordable lamps over the internet like wherein almost all kinds of lamps and lightings you could find there. There is a wide range of choices. Unlike before, we don’t have any other choice but to use candles and gas powered lamps. Don’t you miss those times? How about you guys who grew up here in Manila, have you ever got to experience those moments like I did? I really think that I am lucky enough to experience those moments. Those moments make me think of how important it is to spend time with your family. Even though you don’t do anything special but by just being there is already enough to make your day or night. I really missed those moments.

Well, now that I am far and quite busy working away from my family, I treasure them more. We even get much closer because I tried to communicate with them as often as I can. Thanks to mobile phones and prepaid SIMs, calling and talking with your family is affordable now as compared to long distance calls. Guys make sure that you spend more time with your family. They are your treasure. Like God, even if everyone will turn their backs on you, you can be assured that family will always be there no matter what.

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