Thursday, August 30, 2007

Broken Lines

I've been so occupied with programming for more than 4 months now that it ate up most of my time. When I arrived home from the office I got so tired already that my only consolation is to create vector art before going to sleep. I am not able to draw (the most important part of my life) anymore because I am already too exhausted to hold a pencil and scribble at my paper. I miss drawing so much that I felt guilty whenever I saw other people able to draw despite their busy schedule. There are times that I am so afraid that I won't have the same line quality as I have before. I am terrible. From now on, I will exert a lot of effort to try to draw even if I won't finish the whole illustration in one sitting. I will try my best to draw again everyday. I just felt so sad realising how I took my skills and love for the craft for granted. I will find time and do my best.

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