Thursday, August 09, 2007

Home Away from Home

My mom and aunt are frequent flyers. They travel abroad at lease once in two months. They prepare a lot and there's just so much to think of. I thought that it must be really tiring and there's just so much to prepare for. I ask my aunt about a couple of her experiences traveling abroad and why she travels in the first place. She told me that traveling has become one of her passion. She wants to go places and experience what its like to live in a foreign land even for a brief moment. She got to see the places that she used to see on pictures. She got to experience first hand the diffirent cultures and understand it. She got to meet a lot of people. She is able to gain friends among them. That's what she loves about traveling. The reason why she travels.

My mom, on the other hand, travels because of work. Business meetings here, trainings and symposiums there, and talking to people where she is needed. Unlike my aunt, there's so much to prepare for and not just her personal stuff but all the materials she needed for a certain event as well. There's so much to prepare that even booking in a hotel takes a lot of her time. Yet she takes time to enjoy her trips, if you may want to call it that too, whenever possible. That's the reason my mom travels.

Come to think of it, if I want to travel I need to prepare my things, my flight schedule/s, my iterinary, and even the hotel. There's so much work to do. Thinking of it, might even lose your interest to travel. But now, I saw on website about Hotel Reservations and apon browsing it you'll see that they have a lot to offer that would help you ease your mind and will save you a lot of time preparing yourself if you want to travel.

Hotel Reservations offers different services. If you want to look for the perfect hotel to stay you just click on the hotel button. There you can search for your city, what day to check-in, what day to check-out, how many are you with, and number of rooms you want to occupy. Then the website will show you the best hotels with the best rates. They will give you an information of the hotel's location, average nightly rates (in US $), the photos of the hotel, the information about the city and so much more. You may even compare one hotel from another. This is convinience. You can book your hotel right from the website. Guaranteed Lowest Rates!!

If you think that's what Hotel Reservations can do, there's more! You can also book your flight here. It will gice you different options or flights to choose from. It will show you the airline and flight number, time of departure and arrival, and the best price of course. If you visit the Hotel Reservations now you'll see what I am talking about. There's even an instruction on how to navigate the site. Isn't it wonderful? I will surely tell my mom and aunt about what I found out about this website. When it's my time to travel, I will difinitely check this website too.

You can contact them at (1) 817-333-5105 for reservations or inquiries. If you are in US or Canada you can call the hotline 1-800-447-4136. If you are in Europe call 00-800-1276-3549.

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