Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sharp by Design

I found out a blog about men's fashion. I am not into fashion really but when I tried to browse it, there were articles there that caught my attention like what not to wear in the office, how to look like a celebrity, and stuff. I must confess that those articles are intriguing. The way you dress really changes the way you look and how people will look at you. I remember a friend of mine who used to wear shorts and plain shirts and people treated him like his nobody. Now, you could easily spot him in a crowd wearing those nice looking pants and long sleeves and you would easily know that he's somebody. He sure is somebody now, running a huge art company and all that. With a girlfriend who might even collecting Handbags from Belisi.I think I will like this little blog called Sharp by Design.

Here are some sample stuffs that you might find in it's blog:

1. Worn-out shoes
You’ve heard it before: the shoes make the outfit! Don’t think that no one will notice that your heal is cracked and the tip of your wingtips are scuffed and devoid of any of their former hue. Get a new pair of shoes—even if you have to eat Lucky Me pancit canton for a week.

-- I remember when I was in high school and my parents can't afford to buy me a new pair of shoes. Most people looked at it and make faces. At first I didn't know why, then when I finally got to have new shoes I began to notice how nice they (teachers and classmates alike) look at me. Imagine, how small things could change how people look at you, or treat for that matter.

This got to be my fav article. It's a guide that shows the various ways you can tie a tie, including the Four-in- Hand knot, Windsor Knot and Pratt/Shelby knot.

This article shows you how to fold your pocket square nicely.

Handbags, scarves and other accessories you can give your girlfriend for a gift.

There are more articles there that I think that would help us men look better. In case you might be needing something that you like to have or something you saw that you like, you can always check the links section on where to find them.

Disclosure: This is a paid post by Belisi.com

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