Thursday, August 30, 2007

Operation Trim Down (The First Week Results)

Below is the result I got from that measuring instrument you find at Mercury Drug after a week of working it out on the gym:

Weight: 194 lb 4 oz / 88.5 kg
Height: 5 ft 9.7 in / 177cm
Blood Pressure:
Max Systolic 129 mmHg
Max Diastolic 80 mmHg
Pulse/minute 90
Body Fat Estimation:
Fat Index 22.6%
Fat Mass 44 lb 0 oz / 20.0 kg
Free F. Mass 150 lb 14 oz / 68.5 kg
Age and Gender: 27 male

As you can see I gained about 0.7 kg after one week of struggle in the gym as if I did nothing at all. Well I did cut down on my rice intake from two cups to a cup of rice, it didn't help as much as I expected it would somehow decrease my weight.

My Fat Index, on the other hand, decreases from 23.1% to 22.6% and my Fat Mass decreases by 0.2 kg yet I gained about 0.9 kg on my Free Fat Mass.

My BP is now 129/80 from 113/79, I'm not sure if that's ok but I think it is still between the normal values as stated by the World Health Organization. While my pulse rate is now 90 from 104.

That's the result of my one week work out at the gym for my "Operation Trim Down" plan. I exert a lot of effort yet I can't see any progress. I even joined cardio box, yoga, and hip hop classes just to lose weight fast. Oh, speaking of those classes, at first I was so conscious because I don't know a thing about all of those routines. I don't dance even. But when I think of losing weight I was able to hide my shyness and tried my best to cope up. Cardio box is very difficult for me. It's super fast and most of the time I am having the hard time coping with the routines because I'm not that flexible yet obviously because I have not been physically active for a very long time. After the first class, I thought that I would die. Almost every part of my body is shouting silently at me that they had just experienced torture and exhaustion beyond they could endure. Thanks to the gym management because they are offering free 5 minute massage per visit at the gym. Yoga, on the other hand, is not that hard because I was fortunate to attend the basic yoga class but it is still difficult for me because I can't seem to stretch my limbs and flex my body. But the perspiration I produced during that class amounts to the sweat I produced while running on the treadmill. Yoga is relaxing and it somehow eased the pain cause by lifting all those weights. Hip hop class, I must say, is so much fun. I said earlier that I do not dance but somehow the instructor try to teach you the basics gradually. At a very slow pace at first and then at a normal pace but when it's time to speed up I can no longer follow them hahaha. My body doesn't seem to respond to what my mind is asking it to do. So I did a lot of short cut moves. I had fun all week, I didn't imagine that going to the gym is so much fun. It was so much different from the gyms I used to go to before. Well you see, I did exert a lot of effort just to lose weight. I even cut of my food intake. I even take vitamins and minerals to help me go through all those things that I've been doing inside the gym. Well, It's just one week maybe some improvement will be expected after the second week. Let's see. Operation trim down.

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