Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bloggers can be Rich

On an ordinary day in the office, during my lunch break, I decided to go blog hopping online. I usually read through blogs of my friends to see how they are doing so I can actually know what's happening with them even without actually seeing them. Blogging and blog hopping have been one of the hobbies that somehow become a part of me. Through this medium, I can exchange information to different bloggers and I can even write things that I normally would not tell just anybody.

I stumbled accross Pao's blog and I've notice she has ads on her page now. I was a bit curious as to why a person like Pao would do such things. She's straight forward and doesn't like propaganda's or things that would waste your time. There must be something in that ads that she could get something in return. So I clicked on one of the ads. That ad happens to direct me to payperpost page. Then I decided to check on it and try it myself. Who knows, I might get something from it too.

Being a member, I was able to read a lot about other people earning a lot by joining payperpost and they earned it through blogging. Wow! I told myself this is simple. I just write and then earn cash in return. Genius. I love the idea. This would be a great opportunity for me too so why not grab it. One thing more that I love about payperpost is the fact that you will be able to tell other people about it and learn about it. These people who read your blog could earn cash too if they will join payperpost . Everyone would be happy.

I am recommending payperpost to all my friends and readers. Who knows, you might be earning a lot here.

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