Thursday, August 02, 2007

Posh & Becks

I saw this photo of David and Victoria Beckham, taken by Steven Klein, while browsing the net. That photo is the July cover of W magazine, I think they're hot in this photo so I tried to read through the article. Then I decided to check the rest of the bunch (photos). They (David and Victoria) looked like 2 models trying to pose for an underwear ad. They already have 3 children but Victoria's body seemed like it had never undergone pregnancy ever, thank-you-doc perhaps?. Maybe, maybe not. She's so thin (sexy yet looks unhealthy) and I think needs to eat more, if she's eating at all that is. Overall, though there are shots that doesn't tell what it is all about, I think the photos are well taken .

I you are interested to read more and see the rest of the photos just click on here...

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