Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Visit at the Manila Zoo

It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to someday visit Manila Zoo and be able to see some animals that I can only see on tv. Last July 22, 2007 I finally been able to visit the zoo. I didn't know at first where it is located exactly but I know for sure it's in Manila. I sent a couple of sms to my friends whom I believe know where the zoo is. Only one of my friend replied. Ryan sent me a reply stating that I should drop by Quirino LRT station and from there, the Manila is just a couple of blocks away. Unfortunately, the sms came a little bit too late. I already got out from the LRT in Pedro Gil station so I decided to walf from there to get to the Manila Zoo. It was a very long walk and I already felt tired. However, upon seeing the zoo, I forgot how tired I am and the feeling that flows through me is pure excitement because after 27 years, finally I would be able to visit the zoo and watch the animals in front of me and not on tv.

It was a Sunday so there were a lot of people. The entrance fee is only Php 40.00 and if you're a ManileƱo you only get to pay Php. 20.00.

Upon entering, the elephant greets you. It was a sight to behold, at least for me. The elephant is so big and fat yet all by itself. I think it loves to see us. It keep on posting for the people who kept on cheering it up. It took me a couple of minutes before movng on to the rest of the animals.

Below are some of the awesome pictures taken during my visit at the zoo.

The birds are so lovely. They're fun to look at. They're a lot more actually but I only got to have these photographed because the area is so crowded with people (mostly kids). The black one on the lower left part of the bunch is a bit scarry. All black and it stares at you and tries to poke you if it only could. The ostrich is huge in body and in appetite. They're all pretty.

Here ares some of the land animals that I did not forget to took pictures. The Llama is shy. And look at the Hippo, it looks like longanisa or a balloon full of water that when poked with needles will instatnly pop. Then there are the zebra, the deers, and the goats. The tigers are too far so I was not able to have them photographed, they're kinda lazy. Just sitting and yawning. Lovely.

The scarriest part of my visit are the reptiles. They're ok actually, except for a snake. I even happen to see one eating (devouring) a rat. Yuck! Gross. Well, that's what they are. I got nothong more to say but it took me a while to leave their area.

Then, there are some of them. The strange looking cats, the monkeys (there are a lot of them there and a lot of diffirent species too), and the bats.

Lastly, the cute guinea pigs and rabbits. When I was little, I kept bugging my parents to buy me a rabbit. They've got hundreds of reasons as to why I should not have one and none of those reasons I understand. Well, that's what they think and they're parents afterall. Recently, I tried to ask my mom why (again), she told me that I just can't have one.

I enjoyed every moment I spent at the zoo. Even it was humid, all is worth it. The fee is cheap (the food within the vicinity is expensive, most especially the drinks and bottled water) and there are a lot of animals there. More than what I actually expected. I still want to visit the zoo some other time and that time I going to bring my own baon.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


When you decided to watch a movie you expect to be entertained by what you are going to see and be able to relax, so you will not try to do something that would spoil other people's time to have their moment of enjoying a film or their time to be away of what they usually do.

I decided (kanina) to watch Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix, to pamper myself and since I am a fan of the book, and the movie, I think it's actually late for me to watch it. I can't help it, I need to sacrifice things because work right now takes most of my time and I even can't have enough rest, the movie can wait but work needs me right away. So my time to relax and watch the film finally came.

After the film, I was so stressed out not because I didn't not like the movie that much and it did not reach my expectation but because of this lady who has no manners or phonetics to be exact. Here's the scenario, I was seated at the last row and she was seated right in front of me. Almost a quarter before the movie ends she kept on using her fon and texting someone. The second time she use it, I tried to talk to her nicely and ask her that if she could try to text somewhere or somehow find a way so that it won't bother us (other moviegoers) because her phone's monitor is so bright and we can't see the screen clearly. She told me rudely, "Sandali lang!" So I told myself, ok just this once. But she did it again, kaya sinabihan ko sya na wlaa sya manners. Apparently, it worked. Grabe, she's with her daughthers pa naman, is that the kind of values she would want na mamana ng mga anak n'ya. Kakahiya. May patingin-tingin pa sya sa akin kaya I stared back. Bwisit dami ko tuloy scenes na I was not able to see.

I was not relaxed after watching the movie, that lady (with manner that is not lady-like) spoil my moment to unwind after a very hectic weekday at work. I hope she enjoy the film herself. No, actually I was hoping na hindi sya nag-enjoy at pinagsisisihan niya to ever watch that film pa like what she did to me. Sana someone spoil her movie-watching-moment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I got myself a Daemon

Philip Pullman is one of my favorite author. In fact, I was able to read "His Dark Materials Trilogy" long before it was announced that they are going to create a movie out of his novel. "The Golden Compass" is the first of the three books, "The Subtle Knife" is the second, and the third is "The Amber Spyglass" - which is arguably the most fun and disturbing of the three books. From the moment I read the first few lines of the first book, I am already hooked. That's why I read the second book right after finishing the first, and read the third after the second. I just like the trilogy so much.

I am very excited to watch the movie adaptation of "The Golden Compass." I am thrilled to see how they recreated the book into this new medium. This book revolves mainly on Lyra, the main character, who she is and what she is capable of. Oh, I don't want to be a spoiler so I won't be giving so much details. So this is Lyra's quest to save her bestfriend, with the aid of alethiometer (an instrument which tells nothing but the truth), who have been abducted by people who takes away or breaks away the bond that ties the human from his/her daemon (daemon is like our soul but the difference is that you can actually see it). You're going to hate the antagonists of the story, I'm sure of that. I recommend that you grab a copy of the book first before heading the theatres on December 2007. And don't forget to buy the second and third installations to complete Lyra's whole journey. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Two's or Three's

Lately I've been finding a lot of things that come in two's or in three's. Like what happen last 07/13/2007, which I wrote on my previous entry here. The other one is on my Deviant Art (DA) account.

You see I have to check 38 new deviations from artists that I appreciate and 38 new messages from other members of the DA. See what I mean, two number 38's! Isn't it great. Is it just pure coincidence or is there a hidden message there that I should discouver? Hmmm, let's find out in the following days to come.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Keoma's in PAL now

Yesterday after office I went straight to Cubao and when I got there I felt not going home muna because I wanted to relax for a bit. I went to Ali Mall because right outside it is where the jeepneys are picking their passengers up. There, I am undecided if I should buy a slice of buko pie or not. I find it expensive but I wanted to have a taste of it at the same time. I am about to decide when I heard someone calling my name. I have no idea who's calling and when I look around I didn't see anyone I recognized. Then suddenly Keoma pop out from nowhere holding a basketball. I was so surprised seeing her because earlier I was remembering her because when I used to work in BPI she and I almost always have the same ride going home from the office and we always passed through Ali Mall. And there she was with all her smile. She told me that she was no longer working with BPI and she's connected with Philippine Airlines (PAL) now. I think that she's more at home now with PAL as she is with BPI. She seemed more happy and full of life. I asked her a couple of questions and so does she with me. Well, I am correct she's more content now. There were a few things that we discussed but it's not really that important so I am not sharing it here. She's actually planning to have a mini get-together of our batch in BPI sometime. Well, I am definitely looking forward to it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who you?

I've had a huge body transformation, in only a year I gained a whooping 45 lbs. My eating habits are the still the same but I am not as active (physically) as I was before. Work requires a lot of time sitting on my chair either creating programs in java and oracle or writing a report. When I was a bit younger I can eat and do anything I want yet today just climbing up a three story-high building requires a lot of effort for me. I'm having difficulty in breathing and I sweat a lot. There are also a lot of things that I've notice of myself. Like I am always sleepy, I always get tired, I want to eat one meal to another and a couple more of things that I don't usually do. I need to do something about it. Now.

Ever since I started school I am very active in sports and school activities. From elementary all throughout college I was a varsity so you can just imagine how lean I was. Not anynmore. The problem with my body transformation is that I didn't notice it at first. Even if people around me tell me that I'm gaining weight, I refuse to believe them because what I see on the mirror is just the same me. Then there was an activity where I participated in and they took pictures of us, when the pictures were developed I can't believe I was staring at myself in the picture that I am holding. It looks like my shirt's going to rip off anytime soon. My legs are all swoolen like pair of longanisa's fried to perfection. My face is like a ballon that will burst if strike by a needle. It was a reality check for me. Both in my activities and eating habits. "This is so not me," I told myself while holding the picture. It's just like a stranger is staring back right at me in the picture only that I know that it' actually me.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Yesterday was 07/13/07 and the time I arrived at the office was exactly 7:13 am and later that day on my Java Programming Language Training the chapter we are in was Chapter 13. Three 7's and three 13's. Seven is known to be a lucky number and 13 is unly. In my part, during that day,

Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Shrinking Patience

Just one more of ot "it" and I will finally shatter into bits and pieces that I might be able to glue myself altogether. Things happened, slowly at first then suddenly came pouring and I'm all wet. Fuck. Why do I have to go through this. Why do I have to always care. I hate myself at times and I even cry myself to sleep for caring too much of them and leaving myself empty. I hate it. I hate myself all the more when the people I help turn their backs on me once they will be able to stand on their own two feet. It's ok for me that they will no longer pay too much attention to me after what I sacrifice for them nor they don't want to be with me or being friends with me, but to say things to people against me is more than I can bear. I am a good person and I can extend my patience for as long as I can, but now it's nearing my limit. I am so afraid of myself that when that time comes that I can no longer control myself that I might fight back. That I might hurt the people I used to care and might even still care for. It's been years that I allow you people to step on me but I can not assure you that I won't fight back. Just one more of "it" and you'll see what I am made of. Be careful with what you say because once I break I no longer care.