Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who you?

I've had a huge body transformation, in only a year I gained a whooping 45 lbs. My eating habits are the still the same but I am not as active (physically) as I was before. Work requires a lot of time sitting on my chair either creating programs in java and oracle or writing a report. When I was a bit younger I can eat and do anything I want yet today just climbing up a three story-high building requires a lot of effort for me. I'm having difficulty in breathing and I sweat a lot. There are also a lot of things that I've notice of myself. Like I am always sleepy, I always get tired, I want to eat one meal to another and a couple more of things that I don't usually do. I need to do something about it. Now.

Ever since I started school I am very active in sports and school activities. From elementary all throughout college I was a varsity so you can just imagine how lean I was. Not anynmore. The problem with my body transformation is that I didn't notice it at first. Even if people around me tell me that I'm gaining weight, I refuse to believe them because what I see on the mirror is just the same me. Then there was an activity where I participated in and they took pictures of us, when the pictures were developed I can't believe I was staring at myself in the picture that I am holding. It looks like my shirt's going to rip off anytime soon. My legs are all swoolen like pair of longanisa's fried to perfection. My face is like a ballon that will burst if strike by a needle. It was a reality check for me. Both in my activities and eating habits. "This is so not me," I told myself while holding the picture. It's just like a stranger is staring back right at me in the picture only that I know that it' actually me.

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