Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Visit at the Manila Zoo

It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to someday visit Manila Zoo and be able to see some animals that I can only see on tv. Last July 22, 2007 I finally been able to visit the zoo. I didn't know at first where it is located exactly but I know for sure it's in Manila. I sent a couple of sms to my friends whom I believe know where the zoo is. Only one of my friend replied. Ryan sent me a reply stating that I should drop by Quirino LRT station and from there, the Manila is just a couple of blocks away. Unfortunately, the sms came a little bit too late. I already got out from the LRT in Pedro Gil station so I decided to walf from there to get to the Manila Zoo. It was a very long walk and I already felt tired. However, upon seeing the zoo, I forgot how tired I am and the feeling that flows through me is pure excitement because after 27 years, finally I would be able to visit the zoo and watch the animals in front of me and not on tv.

It was a Sunday so there were a lot of people. The entrance fee is only Php 40.00 and if you're a ManileƱo you only get to pay Php. 20.00.

Upon entering, the elephant greets you. It was a sight to behold, at least for me. The elephant is so big and fat yet all by itself. I think it loves to see us. It keep on posting for the people who kept on cheering it up. It took me a couple of minutes before movng on to the rest of the animals.

Below are some of the awesome pictures taken during my visit at the zoo.

The birds are so lovely. They're fun to look at. They're a lot more actually but I only got to have these photographed because the area is so crowded with people (mostly kids). The black one on the lower left part of the bunch is a bit scarry. All black and it stares at you and tries to poke you if it only could. The ostrich is huge in body and in appetite. They're all pretty.

Here ares some of the land animals that I did not forget to took pictures. The Llama is shy. And look at the Hippo, it looks like longanisa or a balloon full of water that when poked with needles will instatnly pop. Then there are the zebra, the deers, and the goats. The tigers are too far so I was not able to have them photographed, they're kinda lazy. Just sitting and yawning. Lovely.

The scarriest part of my visit are the reptiles. They're ok actually, except for a snake. I even happen to see one eating (devouring) a rat. Yuck! Gross. Well, that's what they are. I got nothong more to say but it took me a while to leave their area.

Then, there are some of them. The strange looking cats, the monkeys (there are a lot of them there and a lot of diffirent species too), and the bats.

Lastly, the cute guinea pigs and rabbits. When I was little, I kept bugging my parents to buy me a rabbit. They've got hundreds of reasons as to why I should not have one and none of those reasons I understand. Well, that's what they think and they're parents afterall. Recently, I tried to ask my mom why (again), she told me that I just can't have one.

I enjoyed every moment I spent at the zoo. Even it was humid, all is worth it. The fee is cheap (the food within the vicinity is expensive, most especially the drinks and bottled water) and there are a lot of animals there. More than what I actually expected. I still want to visit the zoo some other time and that time I going to bring my own baon.

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