Saturday, July 28, 2007


When you decided to watch a movie you expect to be entertained by what you are going to see and be able to relax, so you will not try to do something that would spoil other people's time to have their moment of enjoying a film or their time to be away of what they usually do.

I decided (kanina) to watch Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix, to pamper myself and since I am a fan of the book, and the movie, I think it's actually late for me to watch it. I can't help it, I need to sacrifice things because work right now takes most of my time and I even can't have enough rest, the movie can wait but work needs me right away. So my time to relax and watch the film finally came.

After the film, I was so stressed out not because I didn't not like the movie that much and it did not reach my expectation but because of this lady who has no manners or phonetics to be exact. Here's the scenario, I was seated at the last row and she was seated right in front of me. Almost a quarter before the movie ends she kept on using her fon and texting someone. The second time she use it, I tried to talk to her nicely and ask her that if she could try to text somewhere or somehow find a way so that it won't bother us (other moviegoers) because her phone's monitor is so bright and we can't see the screen clearly. She told me rudely, "Sandali lang!" So I told myself, ok just this once. But she did it again, kaya sinabihan ko sya na wlaa sya manners. Apparently, it worked. Grabe, she's with her daughthers pa naman, is that the kind of values she would want na mamana ng mga anak n'ya. Kakahiya. May patingin-tingin pa sya sa akin kaya I stared back. Bwisit dami ko tuloy scenes na I was not able to see.

I was not relaxed after watching the movie, that lady (with manner that is not lady-like) spoil my moment to unwind after a very hectic weekday at work. I hope she enjoy the film herself. No, actually I was hoping na hindi sya nag-enjoy at pinagsisisihan niya to ever watch that film pa like what she did to me. Sana someone spoil her movie-watching-moment.

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