Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Keoma's in PAL now

Yesterday after office I went straight to Cubao and when I got there I felt not going home muna because I wanted to relax for a bit. I went to Ali Mall because right outside it is where the jeepneys are picking their passengers up. There, I am undecided if I should buy a slice of buko pie or not. I find it expensive but I wanted to have a taste of it at the same time. I am about to decide when I heard someone calling my name. I have no idea who's calling and when I look around I didn't see anyone I recognized. Then suddenly Keoma pop out from nowhere holding a basketball. I was so surprised seeing her because earlier I was remembering her because when I used to work in BPI she and I almost always have the same ride going home from the office and we always passed through Ali Mall. And there she was with all her smile. She told me that she was no longer working with BPI and she's connected with Philippine Airlines (PAL) now. I think that she's more at home now with PAL as she is with BPI. She seemed more happy and full of life. I asked her a couple of questions and so does she with me. Well, I am correct she's more content now. There were a few things that we discussed but it's not really that important so I am not sharing it here. She's actually planning to have a mini get-together of our batch in BPI sometime. Well, I am definitely looking forward to it.

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