Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Komikon 2006 Report Part 02

After the Komikon 2006 had been officially opened, few people were already buying our indies and it's very overwhelming for us. They've asked for our autographs and we gladly signed them. We really enjoyed it a lot especially for Ruel because this was his 1st time to sell his indie comics.

Josel, Ruel and Elmer

An hour or so had passed when Ruel received as SMS from Mylene informing him that they are already outside the venue and they are very excited to join us in our indie booth. Mylene is with Shobee (who came all the way from Germany) and a couple of her friends. They greeted us and we barely talked because Ruel and I were very busy attending people who bought and browsed our indies.

Ruel and Mylene

I've told Ruel and Mye to eat lunch early because I'll be leaving by 2 pm. My parents and my brother Spikey came all the way from Kidapawan City so I have to see them. It's rare opportunity for me to see them here in Manila so I really have to use all the time they're here to be with them. I only got to see them once or twice a year.

Mye and Shobee

After Ruel and Mye finished their lunch I instructed them what to do. I tried to roam around the venue for a while just to visit booths and people. Looking at some of their works and saying "hi" and "hello" to peole I seldom meet. Then I left the event and headed straight to the hotel were my parents and my brother stayed.

I really enjoyed Komikon 2006. More people, more booths and lots of indies and artists. Though I haven't got any photo of myself during the event, the memories that I've had will surely be remembered.

Onward Filipino artist!!!

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