Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'll Always be a Comic Fan

Yesterday I went to the opening of Comic Odessey at Robinsons Galleria. I went there with my officemate Elmer and my pals Ruel and Mylene. I went there a bit earlier and tried to browse for some great finds. And I found a lot (but can't buy because of I don't have enough cash - alright I don't have extra money to spend for my hobbies). I enjoyed browsing and looking at the covers.

A few minutes later, the guests arrived. There were Gerry and Ilyn, Wilson, Carlo, Ed, Huet and Lienil came later. Just seeing them lights up my mood. I'm so proud of what they've achieved. So proud of what they still have to offer. I have my comic book signed and asked fo sketches. It's was all fun.

Among the artists, I find Gerry and Wilson easy to converse with. In Gerry's case maybe because ever since I joined Komikero he's been very accomodating and very welcoming. He doesn't put any barriers or some kind. It makes me feel more proud of him. Proud that he' a friend even. Though I've known him for quite a while, I still put high regard on him and what he does. He's just awesome and I'll always be his fan. Thanks for the sketch!!!

Wilson, on the other hand, is very down to earth. He's so humble. He likes to converse. Everytime he signs a book, he always find time to discuss how the book came to be. It makes you feel how the artist created it. Learn how passionate he is with his craft (he even shows you how he draws). He's funny and easygoing. He's one of the person that we should look up in an artist. Outgoing, talented and both feet firmly rooted to the ground.

I can't say much for the others though. I just can say they were good. Really good. But Gerry and Wilson are much easier to talk to. Thanks too for the sketch!!!

I also got sketches from the great Lienil and the awesome Carlo. Aren't you proud of them?!

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