Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm feeling a bit tired for the entire week. Maybe because I push myself too hard for the Komikon 2006 event and I didn't give enough time to have my body rest even for a brief moment. Well the result seemed to be bad because it affected my day job and other projects that I've bee doing. Even if I feel sore and tired I was able to finish my scripts for issue 2 and 3 and been nagging (sorry) the other artists about their scripts for issue 2 of Paper Clip Komiks. I'm really exhausted and I need to rest somehow.

I'm very occupied too in thinking about my application as ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Engineer. If I'm going to accept it or not because accepting it would mean I'll be working in Norway. I'll be away for at least 2 years for deep water explortion in the northern sees. Exciting? Yes. Sad? Yes. Well the good thing is I will be able to continue creating comics and send it here in Manila because they do have 24-hour internet access and we are allowed to use it during our free time. I haven't decided yet and I hope whatever my decision is would be the best one. Having in mind that I'm barely living here in Manila. The money I earn everyweek is just enough for food and transporation everyday and I need to look for extra income just to be able to pay rent. Hard? Yes. Sad? Not really. It's really hard to decide, at least for me.


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